Once In A Lifetime

Do you realize how you live today matters? Are you aware how you live on this earth has eternal consequences?God has created every individual with a free will. Additionally, he has allotted us a short moment in time on earth to exercise our free will. God has given us a few moments of fragile breath to express our free will. Do you realize with every thought, word and action you are expressing to God how you want to spend eternity. Those who are focused on worldly and selfish pursuits are expressing out of their own freewill the types of pursuits they would like to be doing for all of eternity.

Our brief earthly lives determine our eternal destiny and future for the rest of time. This life is not a dress rehearsal, it is the real thing. The majority of people mystically believe they will be completely different when they leave this earth. While certainly wine cannot compare this present world to the glory that shall follow, will not the free will and personality you have expressed on earth follow you into the next life??

Leaving this earthly body is like taking off a layer of clothing. Though the appearance of the individual changes their personality and character remain the same. Embracing a mystic notion of our entire being radically changing, results in individuals less concerned about living eternally significant lives on this earth.

Just A Rehearsal?

There is a radical difference between how athletes perform in practice compared to playing in a real game. In practice they are cautious and unwilling to go all out because they might risk injury. However, when these same athletes reach a game situation they play with a greater intensity devoting every ounce of energy within them to achieve the goal. Transitioning for a practice to a real game situation performance rises to another level. If you try to play a game with practice intensity you will never achieve your goal because games requires far more passion and devotion to succeed.

So how do you see your life? Is this life just a practice or warm up round? If you view this life as just a practice or dress rehearsal you will lack the intensity and devotion to live the greatest eternal life possible. If this life doesn’t really matter the most logical thing to do would be to maximize earthly comfort and happiness giving little thought to preparing for what is to come. Besides this is just a practice round right? I will have all eternity to devote my passion and intensity towards God.

Though none of us explicitly say this, all of us have been tempted to succumb to this way of thinking in one form or another.

How you live today matters. The choices you make are today will effect your existences for the rest of eternity.



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