Breaking Free From Worry

“An Awareness God Has a Plan For Your Life Dispels All Worry”

Do you feel like the future is a question mark? Have you ever wondered
does God really have a plan for your life? Is your life plagued with
worry?  Maybe you know God promises hundreds of time throughout
Scripture that he has an incredible plan for your lives but you
sometimes you wonder. Does God really have a great plan for my
specific, unique life? I mean there are seven billion people on the
planet, how could God be in the intimate details of my little life?

God declares in Psalm 139:16 NLT

16 You saw me before I was born.
Every day of my life was recorded in your book.
Every moment was laid out
before a single day had passed.

God wrote and recorded a perfect script for your life in “his book”
before you were even born. What amazes me about this verse is God does
not just say he wrote a general script, but he says he has perfectly
scripted “every day of my life”!  For most of us the future seems
uncertain but if you are a child of God you need to know with
confidence your life is like a perfect movie script that has already
been written. Though you do not know the future chapters of the book
of your life, you must know with full confidence your heavenly Author
has written an incredible story for your life beyond your wildest

The implications of this verse are life altering. Though we all
“believe” God has a plan for our lives, has this divine truth
saturated the reality of your everyday life? Websters 1828 Dictionary
defines the word saturate as to flood or completely penetrate. Have
you allowed the reality of God’s perfect plan for your life to
completely penetrate and flood your everyday existence? Take a moment
and ask yourself, am I restless, worried or concerned about anything
in my life right now?

Any worry in your life reveals you are not fully convinced of God’s
perfect plan in that area of your life. If you worry, you are not
alone. Worry relentlessly bombards the majority of humanity race.
Regardless of age, gender and socioeconomic status worry assaults
every individual every waking moment. Young children worry about the
big and scary world surrounding them. Teens worry their future
popularity and earning the respect of peers. Young adults worry about
finding a career and a spouse. Newlyweds worry about the arrival of
children and the many challenges this will bring. Middle aged people
worry about their children departing and succeeding in the world. The
elderly worry about departing from their children and leaving the
world. Worry is a never ending carousal continually picking up
momentum from one phase of life to the next. For the majority of
humanity life is an inescapable, unrelenting roller coaster of worry.
In all stages of life, all worry is rooted in the anguish and anxiety
caused by the uncertainty of the future.

Knowing God has a Plan Dispels All Worry

If you are a child of God, all worry is illogical and irrational. Not
only has God promised your eternal future is secure but he has also
written a perfect plan for your earthly life. A young child who was
apprehensive about flying in a plane for the first time expressed this
fear to his daddy. The father wrapped his arms around his little girl
and promised “Daddy will make sure we get to our destination safe and
sound”. Your heavenly Father longs to wrap his arms around you and
whisper to your heart “Don’t worry about anything my child, Daddy is
guiding every step of your earthly journey and will make sure you will
arrive safe and sound at your heavenly destination”.

Sometimes we superficially hear these words, but it does not connect
with our hearts. As a young Christian I read Scripture, received
counseling, and did everything possible to fight off worry and
depression but it was a battle I could not win! The clouds of worry,
fear, and depression engulfed the skies of my heart making my life
miserable darkness. Worry was an infectious disease spreading through
my entire being, slowly killing me. This is not merely a colorful
metaphor but overwhelmed by the gloomy clouds of worry I lived in a
constant state depression and was nearing suicide. God by his grace
broke through my “worry clouds” of darkness by personally revealing to
me that he had a perfect and unique plan for my life. Only the power
and brightness of awakening to God’s plan for your life can break
through the “worry clouds of darkness. Take a moment and ask your
heavenly Father to reveal to your heart the reality that he has a
perfect plan for your life. This is so important because until the
reality of God’s perfect plan permeates your everyday existence, worry
will prevent you from fully entering into God’s plan for your life.

Breaking The Chains of Worry is Essential to Fulfilling God’s Plan

Is it possible to live worry free? Not only did Jesus believe this was
possible, he commands us in Matthew 6:28 not to worry about anything
in life! We do not take this command seriously enough because we do
not realize the result of worry. Worry is a prison preventing you from
fully living in God’s plan for your life. Imagine if a marathon runner
attempting to complete a marathon with five hundred pounds of weight
strapped to their shoulders. Would they finish their race? They would
be lucky to take a hundred steps without passing out. Each of our
lives is part of the earthly marathon route God has preplanned for our
lives. With the intense weight of worry, you it will be impossible to
complete the perfect course God has charted for your earthly life. You
do not have a moment to spare! This earthly life is so short you
cannot afford to allow any type of worry to slow you down for another
day. Listen to Paul’s words in Hebrews 12 and throw off weight that
hinders and complete the track God has planned for your life.

Completely Set Free
Maybe you have wasted most of your life worrying. Regardless of your
age God promises to redeem time if you ask him to fulfill this in your
life today. God does not want you to feel condemned or ashamed about
past worrying. Instead your heavenly Father’s heart breaks to see you,
his most precious child, lay all your worries at his feet and trust in
his perfect plan for your life. Your Father longs to personally reveal
to your heart that he has formed you in your mother’s womb and has
prepared a perfect plan for your life before the foundation of the
world (Psalms 139 & Ephesians 2:10). An earthly father’s deepest
desire is to provide for his children and ensure they have nothing to
worry about in life. A dad cannot stand to see his child in worry or
distress. Parents love their children so passionately they will do
whatever it takes to comfort their child and prevent them from
worrying. Yet the love earthly parents, is a single drop of water
compared to the endless ocean of love your heavenly Father has for
you. You are his most precious child and his heart is in anguish when
you are worried, frightened or anxious about anything.  Your heavenly
Father desperately longs to reveal to you his perfect plan for your
life to comfort your heart from all anxiety and fear. Pray and ask God
to reveal himself to you in a deeper way than ever before. Your Father
yearns to reveal himself to you, that you can trust him so completely
you will never worry about anything again.


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