Delight Yourself in the Lord

Psalms 37:4 Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart.

Every human being spends their life desperately trying to fulfill their cravings for destiny, intimacy and meaning in life. God has programmed us with these cravings to compel humanity to seek him. God alone is the fulfillment of all desire. Tragically, individuals waste the majority of life pursing earthly relationships and experiences to try to fill the void in their heart God alone is able to satisfy.

As free will beings we are faced with a million different paths and adventures to pursue in life. Though all of these paths provide the illusion of destiny, meaning and intimacy, it is only an illusion. No earthly relationship or experience will ever satisfy the cravings of your heart because apart from relationship with its Creator your heart is hopelessly incomplete. As finite human beings we do not even understand our own desires. We vainly pursue all earthly desires only to discover they are unable to fulfill the God shaped void in our hearts. Pursuing our own desires is a futile endeavour that leaves individuals completely lost, miserable and hopeless. Midlife crisis’ are often are result of “having everything you have ever wanted” and realizing the dreams you have spent a lifetime pursuing have failed to satisfy the cravings of your heart.

Since pursuing our own desires will never satisfy our hearts, God reveals the secret to fulfilling all cravings in life in Psalms 37:4. Delighting yourself in the Lord is the only way to fulfill the cravings of your heart. You have been made in God’s image, so God alone is able to satisfy the deepest cravings of your heart. Vain attempts to satisfy your soul’s cravings will only leave you wounded, broken and miserable.

As parents we desire to provide the absolute best for our children. Imagine how you would feel if they are running away so they can be happy because you don’t really love them or have their best interest in mind. Imagine the agony and anguish of helplessly watching your child vainly pursuing every temporary high trying to satisfy the cravings of their heart. As your child suffers tremendous physical and emotional damage, your heart is tormented fully aware of the greater plan you had for their life.

Is your heart breaking? This is only a glimpse of how your heavenly Father’s heart breaks for you, when you vainly try to fulfill the cravings of your own heart. It breaks His heart to see you suffer or settle for anything less than His perfect plan for your life. Every time you attempt to pursue your cravings apart from your Father, his heart breaks…

“Why are you settling for so little in life?

If only you could see how much greater my plan is for your life!

If only you would realize that you are totally incapable of fulfilling the cravings your hearts because you do not even understand your own desires!

If only you would trust me because I have created you and only I am able to fulfill the deepest cravings of your heart.

Learn to live continually delighting yourself in the Lord. The Hebrew root word for delight is “Anag”. The primary definition for “Anag” is to live softly or delicately. The depth of this word carries profound implications. To delight yourself in the Lord, is not merely making God your supreme joy and motivation for living, it also implies that you are giving Him complete control of your life. To live softly or delicately speaks of being mouldable and conformable to our Father’s leading. This makes perfect sense because apart from the Father’s leading you have no hope of experiencing fulfillment or even understanding your own heart’s desires! The secret to finding the desires of your heart is allowing your Father to lead you into His perfect plan for your life.

Don’t waste another moment vainly pursuing your own cravings apart from God. I pray your heavenly Father will awaken your heart to clearly see that He alone can satisfy your deepest desires. As you learn the secret of delighting yourself in the Lord, He alone is able to fulfill your heart’s deepest cravings.

  1. What are depending on to satisfy the cravings of destiny, intimacy and meaning deep within the confines of your heart?
  2. Have you wasted time chasing “temporary highs” in life? Do you still bear the wounds and brokenness of these pursuits? Your Heavenly Father desires to completely heal you and wipe away these memories from your mind. In Isaiah 43:25 God says he has completely erased your past, so why are you still remembering it? Though your past seems like a real event in your mind, it does not exist and so it is only a figment of your imagination. Allow your Father to heal your heart of past brokenness and fulfill your deepest cravings today.
  3. How can you delight yourself in the Lord today? What specific areas of your life do you need to surrender to God’s leading?

8 thoughts on “Delight Yourself in the Lord

  1. Wow, I can not stop crying. I have been praying and begging the LORD to please just speak to me in some way and to make it clear. I had made my 11 year relationship priority over all other things.

  2. I have unspeakable joy just reading your comment. I really sensed your Heavenly Father’s greatest desire in this situation was to capture your whole heart! I know this is a very difficult moment but it is also one of the greatest moments of your life because God is awakening you to give your entire heart, your every thought and every detail of your life to your Heavenly Father.

    Though certainly this is difficult, for the first time you can make your relationship with Your Heavenly Father the most important thing in your life!

    Your Heavenly Father is so deeply moved by your situation and longs to reveal Himself to you in a greater way than ever before! Seek your Father, He alone can mend your broken heart. Cry out to your Father through the Psalms as David did in a greater desperation for God’s presence and power.

    O God, listen to my cry!
    Hear my prayer!
    2 From the ends of the earth,
    I cry to you for help
    when my heart is overwhelmed.
    Lead me to the towering rock of safety,
    3 for you are my safe refuge,
    a fortress where my enemies cannot reach me.
    4 Let me live forever in your sanctuary,
    safe beneath the shelter of your wings!

    • It seems as if I HAVE to pray just to keep sane. By far this is one of the worst things I have ever been trough. Sometimes it feels like a dream. I feel as if I am intertwined with this man, I can sense, no feel things. If it were not for having JESUS in my life, I would of killed myself.
      The pain is so great at times. My only strength has to come from him alone. Sometimes, I do not feel him and I cry out to him, I beg him to let me know something and then here you come with this message. I can not THANK YOU Enough!!!!! I pray the Lord continuously BLESS YOU!

      • Your soul (mind, will and emotions) are totally wrapped up in the situation. Apart from God I don’t think there would be any hope for this situation.

        Only the Word of God can cut between our soul and spirit. Only God’s Spirit can empower us to break away and overcome our emotions.

        I just published another article about dealing with the loss of a loved one. This might really speak to you as well.

        Is there anyway I can continue to pray specifically for you. Do you have any strong Christian friends who can impart to you on a daily basis, if not please make sure you join our online mentoring center. It is impossible to successfully go through something like this alone! You need God and a community of people who can encourage you in the Lord.

        On your own these emotions are too strong and will overcome you.
        You need to flood your life with as much of God’s word and worship as possible. Only His Spirit in you can properly deal with the many emotions you are facing right now. Only as you continually live in God’s presence will He be able to cut through the emotional baggage.

        I pray your Heavenly Father will sever all emotional baggage and lead you on the next step of your journey. I am always here if your need prayer or guidance. Always praying for you!

  3. I have to deal with this man because of our son. He is so ugly with me, as if he hates me or something. He left me after 11 yrs, what right does he have, I should hate him and treat him that way. I dont. He states it is because he wants me to get it through my head that we are over and once I do, he will treat me better. This is coming from a man who grew up in the church, he knows the bible & scripture. I pray continuously for this mans hear to be softened but I don’t know if God is hearing me. I have been praying and worshiping the LOrd as much as I can, I listen to praise music even as I sleep. Can you please pray about this. It seems so unfair, He walks away scott free, from us, no hurt, no pain, living his life, while I have cried myself to sleep. I have no friends, no family. I started going back to church about 2 months ago. Thank You for all your prayers and advise. Thank You for your time.

    • Thank is so good to hear you started going back to church. As you have no close friends or family, you need to make sure you share this with trusted leaders at the church who can support you and impart to you in person this is so important, I can’t express in words the difference this makes!

      I used to live in severe depression and without the love and care of other believers, I would honestly not be alive today.

      I know that it feels unfair and it seems like he is getting away with hurting you but God wants you to know with absolute certainty he IS NOT GETTING AWAY WITH ANYTHING!!

      Imagine how a Father feels when He sees his daughter hurt by relationship with a guy. Even unchristian dads have gone to the extremes of hurting such individuals because their heart is so passionate to protect their little girl. Now times this passion by infinity and you are only beginning to comprehend your heavenly Father passion and heart toward you, his little girl.

      In the Gospels God declares it will be more bearable for Sodom and Gomorrah (the most rebellious people in the world) than for those individuals who have done anything to hurt his most precious children. You are your Father’s most precious child! He deeply cares for you and anyone who mistreates you will receive their recompense both in this life and in the next.

      I pray for this man too because I can’t imagine how God feels about someone who knows the Bible and has been to church and would still do this. I think our greatest responsibility in life and what we will be judged most severely for is how we have taken care of the signficant other God has given us. God wants you to know with certainty this has not gone unnoticed and will be severely judged. So please continue to pray for this man to repent before God because otherwise it will not be well with him when he comes before God.

      Additionally this man is not only going to suffer eternal judgment, anyone who acts in such a way is experiencing incredible spiritual torment right now. Though on the outside he seems together and you seem completely broken. Inside there is a poison spreading consuming his heart and spreading through his entire being. While you have come to God and He is making you more alive than ever. This man is slowly dying inside. God just showed me how he is tormented day and night because of the choices he has made. He is trying to run from all of this and take out these emotions of torment out on you by treating you so badly but he can’t run from this. As long as he lives he will be tormented and completely miserable unless he repents before God.

      The devil wants you to feel sorry for yourself and wants you to feel like the victim of this situation.
      His only tactic and goal is to make us question if our heavenly Father really loves us and is looking out for our best interest. This is a subtle attack of the enemy that actually leads you to question your heavenly Father’s goodness and love for you. How can you allow this to happen God? How can you allow me to suffer unjustly while my enemies watch and laugh?

      Satan’s only tactic is to try to make you question your heavenly Father’s love for you. Everytime he brings these thoughts to your mind, you need to remind yourself of the truth that God has just shared with your heart!! Remind yourself how your Heavenly Father feels about you..

      remind yourself

      You are your Father’s most precious child! He deeply cares for you and anyone who mistreates you will receive their recompense both in this life and in the next.

      God wants to know he hears your every prayer and desires to fulfill his perfect will for this situation. What do you feel like God’s will for this situation might be? How can I continue to pray for you? What are you feeling like today?

      How can you arrange your thought life and daily life to go below the surface of all of these problems and completely submerge yourself in the love, presence and power of your heavenly Father? From deep intense struggles in my life, I know break throughs only come from a deeper revelation of our heavenly Father.

      Father be so near to your daughter tonight!

  4. I feel so blessed right now to have met you, with your knowledge of OUR GOD. Your words get me through. I know it is no accident that you responded to my post. I had felt so lost. I do not know what GODS will is in this situation, I cant help but think that in no way would he want a family to break. It is so complicated to be separated with our son. Everything is in ruin. I honestly do not know how families do this separation/divorce thing. It effects the children but some do not see because they are blinded by their hurt, pain, anger & revenge. My son is only 7 but he is tore, I see it in him. I do not understand how GOD could allow us to share 11 yrs of our lives together, to just let it end. I pray GOD will reunite us but I do not think he is right with the Lord right now. You said the Lord showed you how he is tormented day & night, what do you mean? He is a police officer & is not to happy with the situation at work, he had been stressed with a lot of things going on there. One thing I do ask for, is if you can pray about his hardness of heart that he has toward me, like I stated he talks to me as if he hates me. The tone in his voice has hate. He is mean, & he says the most hurtful things. I even told him, have mercy. He told me no because he want me to know there was no hope, He stated he didnt want to be nice & me get the wrong idea, like there was a chance. He taunts me about other girls, that in his next relationship he would give her the word & she would be made. He tells me he is going to take away our son. I can go on & on but its like a constant battle with him. That is what I dont understand. Why GOD allows him to treat me like that. I CONSTANTLY PRAY FOR PEACE, but its like no where in sight. Please pray about that.

    • You are absolutely right about me seeing the post. It wasn’t me it was God. God alone can provide exactly what you need when you need it.

      It certainly is not God’s will to break up families but human beings have free will and free will has consequences. This individual has chosen to not follow God’s path and live in bitterness and anger.

      This is exactly what God showed me last night. Anger and bitterness is the fuel that keeps him going. The way he treats you has nothing to do with you at all. You are only the nearest person who he can express his anger and bitterness towards.

      Despite how he has chosen to treat you, God has sent me and others in your life to support and encourage you. Despite God will not supercede his free will to force him to be nice to you. He is working despite your significant others poor choice to provide a network of people who will love, support and care for you. God wants you to clearly understand that despite the awful choices of another your heavenly Father is at work and providing for you.

      God sees the hurt in your sons heart and has provided him with a mom who understands her son and can comfort and console him at this time. He has also provided other caring adults who will come behind and help you with this process.

      Praying for you and your son for peace, rest and strength. Praying for God to remove the hardness of heart.

      I peace is less an emotion and more of a state of being. What I mean is when our hearts are fixed and trusting in our Father despite all the circumstances in our lives we experience peace. Though our lives and emotions may be in complete turmoil we can have peace knowing our Heavenly Father is with us and is intricately at work in our lives.

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