Start Your Day With God

O God, you are my God; early will I seek you: my soul thirsts for you, my flesh longs for you in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is. Psalms 63:1

Are constantly busy but accomplishing very little? Do you feel like your life is always revving in high gear but you are stuck in neutral? Though you are exerting incredible energy it feels like you are going nowhere.It is so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of life we are spinning around in circles and lose all sense of direction for our lives.

Life is busy and chaotic. This is a reality we can not escape. However, we can choose to put our life in gear our lives by taking time each morning to align our steps with God. I have many people say and often thought myself, I have so much to do today I can’t spare a moment to pray. Sadly we have things backwards. Martin Lloyd Jones had a much clearer understanding using time effectively and often stated “I have so much today I will never accomplish this much unless I pray for at least three hours””. What a revelation. When we put God first he exponentially multiplies our time to do far more than we could ever dream of in our own human ability. Instead of exerting all of our energy while our life is stuck in neutral, God gives us the wisdom to put our life in gear and effectively manage time. He divinely empowers us to do more than we could imagine possible. Sometimes he even freezes or turns back time like in Joshua’s case to empower us to fulfill his will. I recently read a highly respected pastor write he was in responding to an emergency situation and somehow he arrived at his destination far quicker than humanly possible. The pastor did not know how this happened but this is an essential reminder God is limited by time or space and can do far above all that we could ask or think.

God does not want us to put him first in our day just so He can feel important or revered. God does not need our love and affirmation from mere mortals. Sometimes we are so human centered we think God needs our worship but this could not be further from the truth. God does not need us but he desires to have a relationship with us so he can provide for us as his children. Unlike human love that is motivated by a need to receive reciprocal love God desires relationship with you so he can empower you to live a far greater life than humanly possible.

He yearns for us to completely yield ourselves to Him so he can transform our mediocre lives into the extraordinary. God calls us to give us the first moments of the day so he divinely empower the rest of our day to live beyond human ability. Only when we give him complete control is He able to do far beyond what we could ask or think.

Whether you realize it or not, when you wake up you are making the most important decision of your day. Every morning you are confronted with the decision, pray or begin my busy day? Though It feels like the busier you are the less time you have to pray, in reality it is just the opposite. The most hectic days are the ones you need to pray the most.

Always remember:

The busier your day, the more you need to pray!

The most important thing you can do tomorrow is wake up and give God complete control of your day. Your heavenly Father longs to empower you to go beyond human ability but he will not supersede your free will. How many Christians struggle through life living by their own ability, when God is waiting and longing to empower them to do some much more? If you are struggling through life today your heavenly Father wants you to know, he is just waiting to empower you! He longs to empower you but the choice is up to you. When you wake up in the morning what will you choose?

My continual prayer and desire is to live every day beyond human ability. This life is far too short and God’s plan for my life is far too great I can’t possibly accomplish it in my own strength. I am realizing God’s empowerment is not just a nice option but an absolute necessity if I am going to complete the mission He has for my brief earthly life.

Challenge: For the next week every morning when you wake up begin the day by asking yourself do I want to live on my human power or will I put God first and allow Him to supernaturally empower me to accomplish far more than I could in my own strength. I don’t know about you but my life is so busy and complex, I cannot afford to miss my time of prayer in the morning. Without God’s empowerment I would never have the strength to make it through the day.

Post a note or symbol near your bed to remind you every morning to seek God’s divine empowerment before embarking on your day.


4 thoughts on “Start Your Day With God

  1. Thank you Joel…this is exactly what I needed to hear today! May the Lord bless you and the wonderful work you are doing in His name! Reading parts of your blog his inspired me and I feel like He is filling me up with new energy to continue in His work for the Heavenly Kingdom. (Julie Sawatzky)

    • It is so awesome to hear from you Julie! How have you been? From the little I have heard it sounds like you are doing some incredible work for God’s kingdom. I am really glad God was able to encourage you today and I would really like to hear more about the adventures God has taken you on in life!

      • Its good to hear from you too! I have been in Guatemala now for almost four years…5 months ago I got married. We are working with Impact Ministries, and looking forward to what God is planning on doing with our lives. 🙂

      • Wow that is incredible. What part of Guatemala are you living in? How did you get connected with Impact Ministries? (is this related to Les Peters)

        That is so exciting, I know God’s plan is far better than anything we could dream of. What do you feel God is calling you to do in this short life?

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