Discover His-Story

Have you ever struggled with how to present the gospel in a practical way every person you meet can not only understand but also personally relate to? Maybe you are a practical person and you feel uncomfortable using theological jargon or don’t know how to share the gospel effectively.  Jesus used to powerful stories to illustrate biblical truth in a new way to compel and awaken individuals to follow God. Sometimes our theological apologetics fail to capture the wonder and awe of His-story. History really is the Father’s story. Sometimes in the way we explain theology God feels distant deity who created the world and is now watching indifferently from a distance. On the contrary His-story, depicts a loving father who cares very deeply and personally for every human being ever created. His-story reveals the infinite love of a broken hearted father who is willing to do anything and has done everything to bring his children back into right relationship with himself. As Jesus demonstrates the most powerful evangelism is using the power of story to engage our audience and speak to the very depths of their hearts.

Evangelism Through His-Story
There once was a Father who desperately longed to have children to love and care for. Motivated by love the Father set in motion plans to create an entire universe to continually express to his children his great love for them. The Father carefully designed even the most intricate details of this new world. He carefully scrutinized everything he created to ensure it was good and it would be the ideal climate for his children. After extensive designing and creating of the entire universe, the father was now ready to unleash his divine masterpiece. A creature that would be the crowning glory of all creation, fashioned after the very image of the Father himself. So the Father intricately knit together children who would grow up to become just like him.

The father loved his children very much and he would do anything for them. These two children were so special the father took extra special care in planning a perfect world that would provide for and satisfy every desire of his most precious children. The father treasured his children above everything he created. In fact his very purpose in creating this world and everything in it was to make a perfect world for his children, so he could live with them on the earth. The father loved his children very much and would do anything for them.

Tragically the children were deceived into thinking their father was holding out on them and did not have their best interest in mind. Although, this could not have been further the truth because of their distorted view, the children began to wonder if they should trust or listen to their father. Why would he keep the knowledge of good and evil from us? Maybe he is keeping these secrets from us so that we don’t become as powerful as he does. Though the father longed to give his children everything, all wise father’s know you must wait till children are mature enough to handle the responsibility you give them. In the same manner no parent would allow their five year old to drive their car, the Father knew his children were not ready for this responsibility. The Father “kept secrets” because of his passionate love and desire for his children’s wellbeing.

Yet the children were deceived into thinking their Father did not have their best interest in mind, so they openly disobeyed him. It is important to note the father gave his children full control over the earth. They were the earth’s rulers and kings. They had final authority and the decisions they made could not be revoked. In disobeying God, mankind willingly chose to subject themselves and all creation to the rule of God’s archenemy Satan. The first human beings decision imprisoned the entire human race and all creation for all time.

Now from a human standpoint this may seem tragic but imagine how the father feels. He poured his entire being into designing a perfect world for his most precious children to live and walk with him. Have you ever days or even years on a project only to have it destroyed? The father had poured all his creative energy into making a world so perfect to express his infinite love for his child. The father intricately and personally fashioned his children in his image, so he could have a perfect relationship with his children. After pouring his entire being into this project, his perfect world has been destroyed and much, much worse his children have rejected him and he can no longer have a relationship with them. Imagine the pain of never being able to see your children again? Now imagine the even greater agony knowing your children are still alive but that they never want to see you again? Our finite minds cannot begin to comprehend the agony and sadness flooding the Father’s heart. All his work had been destroyed and his children were forever lost. All hope dissipated leaving a gaping hole in the Father’s heart.

Though all hope appeared to be lost the Father knew all of this would take place. This is what I find most unfathomable about his love. He poured his entire being into creating a perfect world knowing it would be destroyed. The Father’s love was so great he created freewill beings in his image fully aware they would reject him and pollute the perfect world he made. God knew before beginning creation, if he wanted to have a family, it would require the ultimate sacrifice of personally coming into this world and dying for the very beings he created. Imagine dying and giving your life for a robot or something you created? The thought seems absolutely crazy. Yet God loves you so much he saw you before the foundation of the world and decided he would personally enter this world and be mocked, tortured and hung on a cross by the very beings he had created. Since human beings had complete decision making power over the earth and the human race, God knew he would have to personally enter the human race and exchange places with us, so we would have the freedom to choose to have a relationship with God.

What is even more unfathomable is God did this personally for you, fully aware your life is in complete opposition to his ways. Imagine a person who hates you and purposely does things to express their contempt towards you? Never in a million years would you be willing to die for that person. Yet this is the very thing God has done for you.

As a passionate, desperate Father longing for a relationship with you, he has done everything to enable you to come home. God was thinking of you when he humbled himself into human form and became the scum of the earth, was despised and rejected only so you could be his child. Freewill is a reality. Though God has personally wrote a perfect plan for your life when he created you and has given his very self to bring you back into relationship with him, the choice is up to you. This is the most important decision you will make in your life because it will determine where you will spend the rest of eternity.


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