1 Peter “Real Life” Bible Translation & Commentary

I feel God calling me to create a practical, real life translation and commentary of the Bible to empower Christians to fully understand the Father’s heart and be challenged to live more meaningful, biblical lives.


1 Peter 1

I, Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ, write this letter to God’s chosen people living as foreigners across the entire world.

Because you have been chosen by God you are no longer apart of the world.

2God the Father knew you before you were born and chose you before the earth was created. Through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, God has made you His elect child and His spirit is continually working in your heart to make you pure and holy. May God’s divine empowerment and peace be multiplied to you that this process would be complete!

You are the very reason the Father created the earth. He did this only so He could have relationship with you. Gods sole motivation and purpose in all intervention thought history has been for one purpose, to know you his most precious child. It is incredible just to be a child of God and have the hope of knowing him when this life ends. But God could not wait this long so He sent His Spirit into our hearts so we could personally know him today.

3Continually worship and glorify God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ for his profuse mercy awakening us from spiritual deadness to a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead,

It is important to continually reflect on the incredible mercy of God to cultivate an awe and reverence for our Father. He rescued us from death and misery and has translated us into eternal splendor. How can we ever thank him enough?

4 Now we live every waking and breathing moment in great expectation of our heavenly inheritance, pure and undefiled, beyond the reach of chance and decay,

The Christian is not merely a spectator gazing through a window into heaven somewhere. We are already seated with Christ in the heavenly realm. According to Scripture our citizenship is in heaven. It is impossible to obtain citizenship to a country you just visit once in a while. As Christians our life is continually ever present in the heavenly realm. This is where we have our existence and where we belong.

Through faith, God is protecting you by his power until you are mature and able to receive your full inheritance, which is ready to be revealed in the final chapters of history.

As spiritual infants the Father is watching over us and protecting us from our own ignorance. As children lack common sense and often walk right into dangerous situations, we do this spiritually. Our Father is continually protecting you but longs for you to grow up and be able to walk on your own two feet fully living in your full inheritance as his children.

6So be exhilarated with great joy. Though you will endure many trials in your earthly life, be comforted and take great joy knowing

7 These trials are only purifying and growing your faith (trust and dependence on God) and demonstrating to the entire world your faith is genuine. Your faith is being refined like gold to bring glory, honor and praise to Jesus Christ when He is revealed to the world.

Every earthly experience is helping us to spiritually grow up and walk in full inheritance as God’s children.

Faith dependence on our heavenly Father unlike natural children the more we grow up spiritually the more we depend on our heavenly Father! Growing in faith is growing in dependence. The more you know your Father the more you are able to depend on him. The more you depend on the Father the greater faith you will have.

8How great is your faith! Though you have not seen him, you love and trust him with all your heart and even now he brings you a joy that words cannot express and which has in it a hint of the glories of Heaven.

This life is only a shadow of what is to come. Every earthly joy can only properly tasted and experienced beyond he shores of this life. Your Father yearns to flood your hear with the glorious o heaven every waking moment of every waking day.

Why do you settle to think about such pathetic things. Any thought outside of eternity is only an illusion of your own imagination and a waste of time because one day it will no longer exist.
Oh let my love with fervor burn, And from the world now let me turn;
Living for Thee, and Thee alone, Bringing Thee pleasure on Thy throne;
Only one life, “twill soon be past, Only what’s done for Christ will last.

Only one life, yes only one, Now let me say, “Thy will be done”;
And when at last I’ll hear the call, I know I’ll say ‘twas worth it all”;
Only one life,’ twill soon be past, Only what’s done for Christ will last.

poem written by C.T. Studd

Only that which lived for God shall remain

9and all the time you are continually receiving the result of your faith in him, even the salvation of your souls.

Walking higher up and further into eternity each day. Our Spirits have been awakened to new life but God is not stopping there but is redeeming our entire being spirit soul and body. As we grow in relationship and dependence on our Father the transformation of new creation life permeates through our entire being.

10God told the prophets of old of this salvation. They spent their entire lives to searching for this salvation but it was not delivered to them only to you by Christ.

We so fail to realize how fortunate we are. We read the OT and think it would be so great to be Moses or David yet David desired with all of his heart to walk in the reality of relationship with His Lord psalms 110

11 They wondered what time or situation the Spirit of Christ within them was talking about when he told them in advance about Christ’s suffering and his great glory afterward.

12 They were told that their messages were not for themselves, but for you. And now this Good News has been announced to you by those who preached in the power of the Holy Spirit sent from heaven. It is all so wonderful that even the angels are eagerly watching these things happen.

God kingdom message can only awaken hearts when the person of the Holy Spirit is speaking to us directly.

Live a Life Worthy of the Call: All Heaven is Watching & All Creation is Waiting

13Wake up your mind to be ready to run and live at full capacity. Live in constant anticipation of God’s divine empowerment to be given to you through a continual revelation of Jesus Christ;

Galatians 2 Paul personally experienced Jesus Christ revealing Himself in Paul. The more Christ is personally revealed in us the greater divine empowerment we walk in. Christ in you is the hope of living in the complete essence lf all Gods power and dominion (glory). Christ in you awakens your heart to be all that He is. Christ is you is the realization and the very essence of living as the visible representation and complete expression of Jesus Christ on this earth.

14Live as God’s obedient children. Do not conform back to the ways of the world pretending that you do not know any better!

15God is holy, and as His child your heavenly Father has given you the privilege to be holy in everything you do, so you to be just like him in every way.

God longs for us to be just like Him so we can be in perfect relationship with Him. God cannot associate with darkness. He longs to know you completely so he says come be like me. Live in my house and love every waking moment in unbroken fellowship with me.

16As He wrote centuries ago to Moses our Father’s desire all along has been for his children to holy as he is holy.

Everything God has even done is to bring His children into deeper relationship with Himself.

17Like any good father, God does not play favorites. He will judge or reward you based on what you do, so live each day with reverent fear and an awareness your every thought, word and action has eternal consequences.

I don’t understand the way some Christians live. Knowing scripture, knowing what God has said in his word how can we live “normal” lives?

18Live with a constant awareness you have been “ransomed” from the futile way of living based on worldly culture and traditions.

God has rescued us from the slavery of the world. What slave after being rescued would even consider returning to slavery?

19 Seize every moment because the ransom came at a great, the precious blood of Christ, a perfect sacrifice without spot or blemish:

Knowing the great cost God paid to set you free how can you even consider going back to the worlds ways?

Those living insignificant lives have failed to recognized the great price Christ paid for their freedom. Those living eternally significant lives seize every moment recognize the incredible price their freedom cost.

20 Though you are only beginning to understand this now, God perfectly planned everything before the foundation of the world,

21 That through Christ you would into a personal relationship with your Heavenly Father. Continue to grow in this relationship so that your faith and hope might be completely in God, that he would be most glorified.

What an incredible plan. God is most glorified when you are walking in deepest relationship possible. This is how to really glorify God in your life.

Let your life match your high calling of Christ.

22Continue to purify your souls by actively living the truth through the Spirit, practically demonstrating a fervent, genuine love for one another in word and deed.

Can you see our absolute need for the Holy Spirit? Only the Holy Spirit can continually transform and purify our entire being spirit, soul and body.

23By the eternal Word of God you have been born again, not to a temporary life that will end, but to a new life that will last forever.

Has this really sunk in? Does this reality permeate your everyday existence?? Right now you have already begun and are living in a life that will never end. The end of your earthy life is only a transition from one chapter to the next.

24Human beings are finite temporal creatures with the lifespan of grass, and even the legacy of man lasts as long as a flower. At a moment’s notice the grass suddenly dies, and the flower vanishes and is forever forgotten:

When you feel like you are important or make plans to build a legacy you need to remind yourself you are just grass the will one day die. Anything you build on the is earth will be consumed by fire only those moments invested in eternal things will last.

25But the word of the Lord endures forever. This is the message of the Gospel that was preached to you.

Gods word is the only eternal thing in this temporal world!! Analogy of continually gazing through the window of eternal reality a constant reminder of what is real!!

Every moment of our lives lived following Gods word will also endure forever. Any moment living for anything else will be forever lost.



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