Matthew Chapter Summaries

Overarching Thoughts & Themes from Matthew

Matt 16 the church is made up of those who have received the revelation Jesus is the annointed King who deserves my complete surrender and the son of God. Total surrender is where the Father can finally give us the keys to the kingdom win the Great battle and bring His kingdom to this earth by uniting the two world!!

25 when you hold on tightly to your life you will eventually die and lose it. When you are young you feel like you have life but Each year you can feel life slippin thru your fingers and lose it more and more each year. 

When you surrender you life you start gaining your life mor and more each year. Instead of feeling more hopeless and lost more and more each year life starts getting greater more fulfilling and more like your youth more and more each year. 

Human beings have been created to long to young because you were made to live forever. Giving your life to he Father is he only way you can experience this incredible life you were made to live becoming more childlike and younger every day!!

Matt 17 transfiguration Jesus earthly mission must have been so difficult knowing all along the fate that Waited Him. How much Jesus loved the Father to spend every moment of His life on the most difficult mission in the history of the world!  My child daily realize the mission Jesus lived and draw great strength and joy knowing though your mission may seem challenging compared to Jesus it is nothing. Know that Everything you are doing is for a reason because I have called you to do it!! My child everything is part of the mission so do not worry or wonder about it simply embrace it knowing this is part of the mission I have called you on!!

20 Disciples because of you unbelief because you are so unaware and really do not yet realize you are operating in the kingdom of heaven you are powerless. But if you truly realized and understood you are in the kingdom of heaven even just a little bit, even as much as the smallest of the smallest seeds in the world. Then even with that small an understanding and realization of the kingdom (and your authority as a priest and king) the you could literally move this mountain and very easily heal this child if you are following thru with direct orders from the king!! (it is pointless just to say a random command like move a mountain it must be on orders from the king Himself. As an ambassador Your words and life are only representing the Fathers will in the earth. 

Matt 18 those who have become most childlike in simple belief and humility are the greatest in heaven. 

Parable lost sheep  – Of the 7 billion on the planet the Father sent His son and is watching your every move desperately searching you out and trying to get your attention. It’s the Fathers will that every child comes home. 

Hell is not created by a capricious God to punish evil. However to create free will beings the Father had to give us a choice to serve Him or not. Hell is simply the place for those who have chosen to live without God. God did not create to be an awful place but since He is not present there simply makes it an awful place. 

35 you have been infinitely forgiven so how can you possibly do anything less than infinitely forgive. If you do not forgive Your Father will not have mercy on you. 

Matt 19 Good master not Lord. Written for todays relativistic culture. God is the definition of good and no good can exist apart from Him. Apart from Gods power working in your life it is impossible to be a “good person”. 

Rich young ruler the more you have the harder it is to give up. Camels with a ton of stuff on their back it would be impossible to enter thru the small needle gateway on the city walls. 

Until you discover a personal relationship with Jesus Christ your earthly possession will seem far more valuable than Christ. The rich young ruler personifies the vast majority of Christians who go to church and try to keep the commands but they treasure other things more simply because they have not personally encountered Jesus. They cannot be blamed because religious devotion is far less exciting or interesting than the treasures of this world.

Every person desperately needs a greater encounter with the person of Christ. As you know Him all else will become worthless and you will count all else as loss compared to knowing and walking with Him!!

Until you enter into a personal relationship with Christ it is impossible to lose your life and surrender all because knowing Him reveals the worthlessness of all other treasures in your life. 

Matt 20 the first last and many called but few embrace it. 
The most humble servants like Jesus will truly the greatest in heaven!  Do I truly believe that?? Then why don’t I live this way??

Matt 21 the Father prepared every detail of the Script to perfectly fulfill every prophesy!  The Father has a perfect plan your life and as you surrender to Him, He is orchestrating every Detail in your life to ensure everything goes according to plan. 

23 operating in kingdom authority supersedes all things on the earth. When your heart completely becomes the Fathers word and will on the earth, then you will also operate and live in this great authority and power!!
Father intervene in every detail of my life!!

Matt 22 You have been invited to the marriage supper but what have you done with the invitation?? Put it somewhere for safe keeping and just living this life however you want?

Or are you living as a pure bride seeking this moment more and more each day by living a pure and holy life! 

Your Father is calling and waiting to meet with you today?? How do you respond each day?? Lord I am coming but I am really busy with my business, or really busy with my hobbies or about to get married. 

40 Loving and walking with the Father is central to everything. The first commandment and all proceeding commandments are summoned up in simple childlike faith of knowing and walking with the Father. 

Matt 23 the Father desperately yearns to gather His children across the earth.  In the final chapter all of Israel will be greatly humbled in hopes of many returning fulfilling a perfect picture of redemption from the beginning to end of this age!! Father complete your perfect plan. 

Matt 24 appears to describe both 70ad and the return of the King to the earth as almost a repeat of the events of 70ad.  The parable of the fig tree reading the times. 

No one knows the hour so live ready at all times!!  As in the day of Noah people will be living life as normal then instantly the flood comes taking away the chaff first Matt 13 and then bringing the good Harvest into the kingdom. 

40 if the King returned this very moment would you be found faithful and greatly rewarded or not making the best use of your time. 

Matt 25 wise trade everything Else in life to live in he peer and presence of the Holy Spirit. Must be living a pure and holy life. 

17 the Father has given each person unique talents to further his kingdom in the earth. Are you using your talents to further his kingdom or only to benefit yourself. Do you even know what your talents are??

30 the judgment based on if you lived each day caring for Jesus thru every person you meet. What would it look like to treat my enemy or that street person like Jesus?? Wh don’t I really believe and live this way?? Why doesnt it connect that how I treat every person I meet is really display my love and how I treat Jesus!! 

If I just yelled at my spouse that is how I just treated Jesus!!
Didn’t listen to parents that is how I treated Jesus!!
Father I am so sorry please show me how to really live in light of eternity. 

Matt 26 when I drink it new with you in my Father’s kingdom.
Communion is looks into the past remembering what my savior has done, in the present a celebration of His faithfulness and presence and looks into the future every time I partake serving as a great reminder of the joy that awaits fueling me for the journey ahead and awakening the great yearning of my heart to ever live in anticipation of this glorious day. 

Jesus the incredibly difficult mission you had to complete!  How did you do it?? How could you live your entire life fully aware of the fate that awaited even though at any moment you could have returned to heaven??

Matt 27:51 behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake,

The greatest feat Jesus accomplished tearing down the wall between the Father and His children. Jesus laid down his life as a bridge so every child of God could enter into a personal relationship with their heavenly Father!! We can’t granted!! Seeing all Jesus has done for us we must live every waking moment in desperate pursuit of a greater relationship with the Father!!

Matt 28 the resurrection I am the way the truth and life. 

Jesus was not the only one resurrected and raised to new life his day!! Through Jesus death and resurrection All who believed became new creations in Christ beginning a brand new race of beings!! 

As new creation beings walking in the power and authority as ambassadors of the King is the only way to accomplish the great commission. Without the power and demonstration of the kingdom it is impossible to be an ambassador and share the kingdom message with the world. 


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