Romans 12 – Slaves of Christ – The Only Logical Response to What He has Done For You!

 As I read through Jesus life and especially Romans I came to the stunning conclusion that the only logical response to what Jesus has done for me is to completely give Him the rest of my life. To do anything less would be completely insane! He rescued me and twice owns my life! 
This revelation has brought a greater intensity and passion than ever before. When you realize Jesus has purchased your life at an infinite cost to set you free from slavery one can do nothing less than give Jesus what He rightfully deserves complete control of every waking, breathing moment of my life from this moment forward. 
I dont know how but this is the message every Christian desperately needs to understand because it changes everything and compels one to give everything for the sake of Christ. Every other dream/idea and plan for your life now becomes worthless, your life now revolves around gaining for Christ and all other priorities disappear in a vapor. 

Romans 12:1 the only reasonable logical response to The King rescuing you from the prison of eternal chains and death is to completely give him your life. You owe Him Everything. When a slave is rescued from an awful kingdom they live the rest of their lives totally indebted and serving their rescuer. Their devotion to their savior is so extreme they would take a bullet or die for that person.

Our greatest problem in life (and deception from the enemy) is we forget and fail to recognized what we have been rescued from ( eternal unending torment and complete separation from God). Failing to understand the depths of how Christ rescued me, prevents me from understanding how desperately I need Him and what He has saved me from.

If Jesus is merely a nice friend who will bless me and give me a nice life, He does not deserve my complete devotion and I am not indebted to Him. However if Jesus is my Savior who rescued me from the most wicked kingdom of darkness and then made me a king and heir of the greatest kingdom in the history of the world, then I owe Him everything. If this is the case me only logical response would be to spend every moment of the remainder of my life serving Him. To do anything else would be insane and unthinkable. In heroic movies all humanity concurs with this train of thought. “Jesus I owe you my life”! Because you have rescued me from the worst of captivity every moment of my life now rightfully belongs to you.

Our lives doubly belong to God. He created us and the creation is deeply indebted to its Creator. Then He twice purchased possession of our lives when Jesus redeemed us.

It’s one thing to be rescue or once indebted to someone. But recognizing the Father has doubly possessed my life it would be totally insane to devote one thought or moment of my life to living for myself or creating my own plans.

Romans 12:2 transform or be conformed. There is such pressure to confirm unless you actively seek continual transformation in every area of your life, you will be conformed to the world. As a canoer paddling upstream the moment you stop seeking transformation you will lose all progress and start drifting further and further to be conformed to the world. People who seek God in their teen years then settle down in life and stop seeking transformation will lose all progress and be conformed. This is why we must continually seek transformation. This is only possible thru the Holy Spirit (Romans 1-8). Without the Holy Spirit transformation is impossible and though you can try to please God you will be conformed to religious forms and the world and be completely unable to please God and live in His kingdom.

To know God And live in His kingdom requires continual transformation. This can only be fueled and empowered by the Spirit. 

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