Desire must be Crucified to be Glorified (Fulfilled)

4 I also will choose their delusions, and will bring their fears upon them, because when I called, none did answer, when I spoke, they did not hear; but they did evil before Mine eyes and chose that in which I delighted not. “

This verse so powerfully illustrates the essential importance of a neutral heart. Demonstrated by Israel God will always give us the true desire of our hearts. 

this both an sobering and most exciting realization.  It is very sobering because desire is a most dangerous thing and the only thing that draws us away from God. 

man is drawn away by his own desires 

This is why true freedom and following Gods perfect plan for your life is not possible until every single desire has been laid down at the foot of the Cross. 

The cross is not only a place of redemption it is also a place of surrender. Until every desire is fully laid down one cannot fully experience the joys of redemption. 

A desire must be totally crucified and destroyed at the cross. For this is the only way such a desire can be properly and fully enjoyed. 

Every pure desire once originated from the Father. For the Father Himself is the fount and source of all desire from which the streams of heart originate.  The problem is this fallen world of sin has twisted and distorted all human desire. As a result our true desires have been confused for pathetic lowly earthly desires that cannot and were never designed to bring fulfillment to the human heart. 

The condition of all humanity today only proves this to be true. Every human being is desperately searching the world over for any type of meaning  and satisfaction. Yet to no avail. Just as one reaches the pinnacle of all that they thought would bring meaning they realize they have traded their life away for a fleeting cheap satisfaction that soon dissapates. 

This is the great illusion and deceptive nature of desire. Desire is the great manipulator as “he” continually deceives the mind and controls ones life by promising he will set them free from their prison of unfilled desire. However desire himself is the great exorcist tempting weary souls to sell their souls promising the  illusion of complete fulfillment and satisfaction. 

However this could not be further from the truth because the human heart has been created for God and it is ever restless and completely unfilled until the soul finds its place in the Father Himself. 

This is why all desire must be surrendered if there is any hope of it being expertienced or enjoyed. Until a desire is crucified it is only deceiving you to waste your life pursuing vanity. Desire in its fallen twisted and distorted state will only lead you further and further away from the fulfillment of such desire. 

This is why we are exhorted to flee from all such desires and set our affections on things above. 

In its original pure state your desires are twisted forms of what you truly desire. As with metamorphasis every twisted desire must be peeled back and disgarded to unearth the real and true heavenly desire at its core. 

Ironically the only way to truly satisfy any desire is to surrender it and allow God resurrect it for the true pure desire at its origonal source. However laying down our desires you must realize you will never get them back. 

Though this sounds scary and is certainly painful to have your heart of flesh exposed, severed and have pieces removed it is absolutely necessary to your survival and the only way you will be able to fulfill Gods perfect plan for your life. As we surrender more and more of our heart the Great Wise Surgeon removes all desires that will distract or deter us from heavenly goals and our earthly mission. 

Other perhaps purer desires involving meaning, purpose and intimacy are transformed and refocused from their misplaced focus on earthly objects and resurrected to find their true fulfillment.

In conclusion 

1. Desire must be crucified to be glorified
2. Pursueing unsurrendered  desire is only leading one further away from its actaul fulfillment. 
3. The Lord will always give you the desire of your heart. The amount your heart desires Him is the amount you will find Him. 

All unsurrendered desires in your heart will only keep you from God and prevent you from experiencing true fulfillment. 


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