The Only Source of True Passion

How long until your heart breaks for what my heart breaks for? How long until you my kingdom will becomes your sole purpose in life?

How long until you care about my city more than the cares and details of your own life? How long until your devotion becomes more than emotion?

How long until you get serious enough to pray seek and fast to learn anguish in my heart for my city and my church?

Until you take the time in prayer to learn my heart your heart will lack the intensity and anguish to do anything meaningful and of eternal value for my kingdom.

Until you have taken the time in prayer to learn my heart everything you try to do is mere emotion, a work of flesh and powerless. How much time have you wasted with such actions??

All your ideas and ministry are powerless until God has set your life ablaze with His fire of holy anguish that will propel and fuel your life to fulfill His will. His anguish will so grip your life You will not be able to rest or be content anywhere apart from the complete fulfillment of the Fathers will. This is the only source of passion and motivation that will enable you to fulfill your journey and do Gods will.

Eventually all other sources of passion and motivation will burn out partway through the journey leaving you exhausted and spent. All other sources of passion or purpose no matter how spiritual will fail.

the Holy fire and anguish that comes from being alone in the presence of God is he only adequate fuel source that will enable you to fulfill your Kingdom mission and once again establish the Fathers kingdom on this earth.


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