Gods plan is the only place life can be truly fulfilling


The enemy has twisted around our thinking to believe that if I seek Gods plan He will send me to Africa or lead me to the most miserable life possible. We worry if allow God to choose our spouse, He will pick the ugliest person in the world or someone we will not like at all. If we allow God to determine where we work He will give us a job we hate where we make next to nothing. If we allow the God to choose where we live, He will ship us to the most obsolete isolated place on the entire earth. Where do these crazy ideas come from? The enemy has so reversed our thinking that it seems following God’s plan will leave us miserable and the only possible way to enjoy life is to search for it ourselves. What is stopping you from giving our lives completely to Christ? Deep down we are holding out on God because afraid we will not be able to enjoy life. In reality the opposite is true. As long as we are planning our own lives, we will never be satisfied or fulfilled. God created you with certain passions, interest and desires. He also scripted a perfect plan that corresponding to fulfill every unique passion, interest and desire He created you with. Only your Maker knows the perfect spouse, job and life that will bring fulfillment to your life. Apart from His perfect plan you have no hope of experiencing true joy and fulfillment in life.
We must be as cunning as serpents and understand the enemy daily tries to assault our lives with subtle ideas of things that might bring satisfaction to your life. I have come to recognize living my greatest dreams outside of the Father’s perfect plan will bring complete misery and emptiness. The only place my life can be truly fulfilled is in the center of the Father’s perfect plan for my life.

Honestly, I worry about many details of my life including finding a spouse, finances and many other details about my future. But recently, God has begun to address this issue. I feel God has been convicting my heart with this thought, “anything you are worrying about in life means that you are not fully convinced I have a good plan for your life”. Furthermore, God also showed me that when I worry about something, I am in essence telling him that I think I can do a better job managing my life than he can!

I think sometimes the best thing we can do when we are concerned about any area of life is to ask ourselves, can I do a better job managing my life than God?


The fundamental question I must ask myself is whose plan is better, my plan or God’s? Is my Father trustworthy? If I ask for bread, why do I think He will give me a stone? If I give Him complete control of my life, why would my Father who loves me make my life miserable?

As I daily ask this question I am realizing how much better God’s plans are than my own plans. In Isaiah God says that his thoughts are far greater than our thoughts. His plans for our life are also far greater than anything we could possibly do on our own.  In Corinthians God reminds that our minds cannot even begin to fathom the incredible plans he has for all who love him. In Jeremiah 29:11 your heavenly Father promises, I know what I’m doing. I have your life all planned out. I will always take care of you and never abandon you. I have an incredible future planned for you, if you will only trust and hope in me.

God wants you to know he has an incredible future planned for every area of your life, if you will only trust God and surrender to his daily purposes for your life. God has an incredible plan for your life but we need to surrender our lives and allow God to lead us into his perfect plan for our lives. Only God can lead us into his perfect plan for our lives! As long as we are leading, we will never find the joy, happiness and peace God has planned for our lives. We need to surrender our fears, doubts, anxieties and even desires to his plan. I used to think Jesus words in Matthew 16:24 were kind of harsh, you must deny all your own desires if you want to follow me. Isn’t that a bit extreme? But now I am realizing Jesus spoke these words with intense love for us because he knew until we totally let go of our own desires and plans we would not be able to fully and embrace God’s perfect plan for our lives.  Leaning on our own wisdom and guided by our own desire it is impossible to fully trust the Lord and follow his plan for our lives.


Fully embracing and living in God’s plan for our lives requires us to lay our every desire and ambition at the foot of the cross. Though God has created human beings with a desire for human relationship and marriage, this desire must be laid at the foot of the cross. When we lay our lives at the foot of the cross, God raises us up to new life. When we lay our desires at the foot of the cross, only then can God bring the true fulfillment of our desires.


Your heavenly Father longs for you to surrender this area of your life to him, so he can fulfill his perfect plan for your life. I can’t promise God will give you a wife but I can promise God’s plan for your life is far better than any life you can dream up for yourself. Worst case scenario totally surrender your life to God and for some reason his plan is for you to remain single. You will still be far more fulfilled serving God single then writing your own script for your life and getting married. Though to every single person, marriage seems very appealing, outside of God’s plan marriage very quickly becomes a huge burden and miserable. Personally, I know fully surrendering to God’s will and allowing him to lead me is the only hope I have of finding a godly wife who will enrich my life. Considering the small population of females in the world who are sincerely following God with all of their hearts, I know without God’s intervention the chances of meeting a girl who is passionate and fully committed to the Lord is dismal. God wants you to know the only way to have a godly and vibrant marriage is to fully surrendering your life to God and trust in his perfect plan.


I pray your Heavenly Father would continue to encourage you and reveal the reality of his incredible plan for your life. God has written hundreds of scriptures to continually remind you of this truth. I would highly recommend going to an online bible and searching out every scripture on God’s plan for your life. God wants to build your faith and prove to you he has a perfect plan for your life.
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