Dreaming & Living Successfully

Philosophy is the most thought provoking and challenging discipline of all (even more complex than the highest levels of mathematics) which I highly esteem and venerate. I revel in the philosophical giants of past centuries however a true philosopher must question everything and accept nothing as true until it can be proven. Even if something is historically accepted as philosophically astute, all foundations should be challenged. Those that endure the trials of reason should used as the foundation to build ones philosophical framework and belief system. Those proving to be unstable foundations should be disregarded completely.
Though I partly agree with the famous philosophical statement of Descartes “I think therefore I am”, there appears to be serious gaps in such logic. What about individuals in a coma or the medial-temporal lobe of the brain temporarily ceases preventing thought processes such as individuals experiencing a stroke? Does a brief cessation of thinking such as a coma prevent one from existing? Imagine an individual in a coma flickering away like a virtual image because they temporarily lose consciousness and the ability to think.
Though Descartes employed this statement to argue personal existence is subject to and based on our ability to think, careful examination of this statement demonstrates there is more to existence than mere thinking. Ravi Zacharias furthers this thought arguing Descartes logical only demonstrates thinking exists. I think therefore I am is not a logical philosophical proof.  The accurate philosophical proof of Descartes presumption would be “I think, therefore thinking exists.” How does Descartes make the jump from thinking to existing?
Consider the illustration of a virtual reality dreamer. Imagine an individual is medically induced into a Matrix-like state where they continually live in a virtual reality. As Mol and Cobb discovered in the recent blockbuster Inception, when you live in a dream world long enough you lose sight of which world is reality and which world is the dream. Advances in technology where virtual reality such as the Matrix and Inception may be possible in future generations demonstrate I think, therefore I am is an obsolete proposition. On the most basic level, our ability to “think” while dreaming at night certainly does not mean that our dreams are reality and we truly exist in such dreams. Dreams are projection of the self conscious yet they are powerful forces that create our future.

Ancient cultures highly esteemed dreams as divine guidance guiding everyday life. The preface of this thought began by investigating the futility and finitude of human thought. Though at the onset of this literary journey I was not sure of the destination of this thought, I now realize this mental exploration has first proved mankind’s inability to accurately understand human nature leading to tragical flaws in philosophical thinking. Followed through to fruition the conclusion of this thought demonstrates the human mind is in desperate need of assistance to understand the big questions of life and also to learn how to cope with the challenges of daily life.

Recently I encountered an intoxicated man lost in the woods. He was so confused and desperately searching to find the way home. I pointed him in the right direction but he went the other way to a dead end path leading to a deadly cliff.

What an accurate depiction of the state of humanity. Intoxicated and blinded by the god of this world, humanity is desperately searching for their destiny and the way home. The Father desperately tries to direct humanity to their destiny but in our intoxicated confused state we are unable to comprehend His direction and so humanity continues to follow the dead end path to an eternal dead end.

This event provides a powerful prophetic picture of humanity. Billions of hopeless human beings are lost in the forest of humanity desperately searching for hope and meaning.

I AM LOOKING FOR MY HOME…..I am completely lost and I have no idea what what I am supposed to do with my life? Do you know where I am supposed to go?? Do you know what I am supposed to do with my life? Do you know if my life even has a plan or purpose? Is my life just random chance? Is there anyone who can show me the way home? Is there anyone who can speak even a single drop of hope into my lives?
Millions of human beings spend their lives lost in the forest of humanity and die completely oblivious to the destiny they have been created for.  Millions of destinies lay dormant waiting to be awakened. But who will awaken them?

Though our modern intellect jeers at ancient cultures who used dreams and spiritual experiences to guide them, ironically today mankind is far more lost and confused then our ancient counterparts. More than ever the human mind is in desperate need of assistance to understand the big questions of life and also to learn how to cope with the challenges of daily life.
As a teacher in many realms, I have discovered most individuals are in dire need of help but are unwilling to admit it. Our pride (thinking we know the answers to life) prevent us from finding the truth. The vast majority of individuals in the world (Theist and Atheists alike) believe they know all the answers so they never search for further understanding. Though not all are concerned with the big questions of life it is evident all humanity is in desperate need of practical guidance to make it through daily life.
Your vision determines your future. Dreams fuel your vision. The majority of humanity has lost their ability to dream and thus will never find their future.
I am thankful incredible opportunities to accomplish incredible feats at a very young age. I know this would not have been possible without a vast degree of divine guidance. I have also had the privilege of associating with enormously successful individuals in many different business industries. Through these interactions I have noted the most successful individuals are those who have had the most divine guidance.
Consider this poetic stanza I found as you reflect on these words:
Our mind needs divine guidance in order to make sense of this world.

Knowledge is but the anchor of the human mind in
an ocean of uncertainty. Yet with it we make bold
attempts to determine the depths of truth, the
boundaries of reason, the vastness of love, the
substance of ethics, but when man is faced with the
question of questions; The meaning of meaning itself, he finds himself
shipwrecked, the true skeptic, on an island of
skepticism. For such questions can only be navigated
with a transcendent sense of direction, and
answered, when the mind ascends to faith.
when the mind ascends to faith.

If philosophy does not coincide with reality then it is futility.


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