About the Ministry

Dear friends,

As a result of my involvement in writing, mentoring and imparting to others, Power To Change has invited me to join their TruthMedia team as a Content Developer and Mentor for their online ministry. Staff members of this ministry are required to raise their own financial support. I have been hired to work between 10-40 hours per week depending on the amount of support I am able to raise. To work forty hours a week would require me to raise around $30,000 for the year, so your support is extremely appreciated. All donations over $20 will be issued a tax receipt. The more support I am able to raise, the more hours I can devote to working for Truth Media. Like the apostle Paul, I feel it is extremely important to support yourself, so I am pursuing further education to provide the flexibility and financial stability to work with TruthMedia without requiring the support of others.

Most of all I desperately need your support and partnership in the area of prayer. I understand some of you will not be able to financially support me at is time, but I have intentionally sent this letter to you because I recognize the importance of prayer. I am extremely thankful for your financial support but the greatest way you can support me is also in the area of prayer. Your financial support enables me to write but your prayers are what cause lives to be changed.

If you are able to partner with me in areas of prayer, financial support or both, I would ask you to please respond to this letter so I can keep you up-to-date on our ministry (Please call me at 780-962-3977 or email joel.alexander.pukalo@gmail.com). I will be posting all of my published articles on my new blog https://joelpowertochange.wordpress.com/ and you may even sign up to receive emails of every new article I post. God continues to confirm this calling as He has already inspired me to write countless articles and mentor many.

Please do not feel pressured to give but as I contemplate the eternal implications of working with TruthMedia, I feel compelled to boldly seize every opportunity and devote as much time as possible to this mission. Please prayerfully consider in your sphere of influence who would be interested in supporting this eternally focused mission. Again I would never ask this out of personal need, but I feel compelled to do everything I possibly can to devote as much time as possible to imparting to and eternally impacting the lives of others. My heart yearns to fully devote my life to imparting to others and without your support this would not be possible. Words cannot express how eternally grateful I am for your support.


Joel Pukalo

A Divine Appointment

In the fall of 2011 I felt God calling me to get involved with Power To Change. At the time I thought Power To Change was a ministry strictly on university campuses. I remember thinking I am just about to graduate from university, so this would be impossible. At the same time, I have also felt God stirring in my heart a somber awareness to be a faithful steward of the gifts he had given me in the areas of writing and imparting to others. I had no desire to write, receive recognition or publish anything but I knew God was calling me to write to inspire others. Last April I began to pray “Father I am willing to write but I am not going to make this happen. If you are calling me to write, you must open up the right doors and divinely appoint this”. This fall I felt compelled to specifically apply to volunteer on the media team at Breakforth Canada. Of over six hundred volunteers I was selected as one of the four individuals to work on this team. This seemed like miracle in itself. My responsibility as a media liaison was to assist in the coordination of interviews with conference speakers and musical guests. This year for the first time ever Power To Change was conducting television interviews and I was elected to help facilitate interviews with Power To Change. Thinking back to what I felt God had spoken to me in the fall, this seemed like far more than mere coincidence.

I really enjoyed working with the Power To Change staff and had the opportunity to meet both the founder and director of the organization. After meeting me, they asked if I would be interested in working for Power To Change in some capacity. I gave the director my contact information but I did not actively pursue anything as I knew if God desired me to work with Power To Change, He would make it happen. To be honest, I completely forgot about working with Power To Change and was shocked when the director emailed me a few weeks later. In my experience, this also seemed like a God ordained situation because directors of organizations rarely personally follow up with inquires like this. At this point I was not aware that writing for Power To Change was an option, so I was just praying about how God might want me to be involved with the organization. The next weekend purely by divine coincidence the TruthMedia director happened to be visiting a family member at the church I attend. It was a miracle I even saw her, as the church I attend is quite large. Suddenly in this divine appointment all the pieces of the puzzle started clicking into place and I knew what God wanted me to do. Ironically, the next day the Power To Change director emailed me suggesting I should talk to TruthMedia director about some neat writing potential opportunities. I emailed her back and let her know that God had already set up the meeting.

This story is not about me. It is only a testimony of how intricately our heavenly Father desires to be in involved in the life of every individual He has created. I am astounded as I contemplate the profound statement in Psalms 139:16, “The days of my life were prepared before I’d even lived one day” (The Message Translation). Before your heavenly Father created you, He wrote a perfect script of your entire life! If nothing else, I pray this story will remind you God has scripted a perfect plan for your life.

I am humbled and in awe of what God has been orchestrating in my life. I have been diligently praying for the past year that God would lead me to live the greatest eternal life and have the greatest impact on people in the short time I have on earth. I expressed to God that I didn’t want to spend my life doing nice Christian or ministry things I want to live like Jesus, maximizing my time and perfectly following God’s mission for my life. I would encourage every person reading this to begin to pray like this. I know without question it is the most powerful and eternally significant prayer you could pray. I could have never imagined in my wildest dreams I would be writing and mentoring thousands. God is no respecter of persons when we simply trust him and seek to follow His plan for our lives.
Your Partnership
Like the apostle Paul, I feel it is extremely important to “”work with my hands” and not depend on others for financial support. My desire is to eventually serve as a writer and mentor while financially supporting myself as a psychologist. I have carefully planned and am diligently pursuing a career that will provide the financial stability to allow me to impart to thousands on a daily basis without requiring financial support from others. At the present time, I would like to devote as much time to possible to writing and mentoring but I must also remain financially responsible and provide for myself. Though I have opportunities to financially support myself in other ways, my idealistic goal is to devote all of my time to changing lives through writing and mentoring with TruthMedia. TruthMedia has asked me to work for as a content provider writing and mentoring people between 10-40 hours a week. The more support I am able to raise, the more people I will be able to impart and inspire.

Speaking Engagements

In addition to writing and mentoring, my passion is to challenge and impel individuals to find God’s story for their life. My primary focus is speaking at Christian schools and youth groups because I nearly every Christian high school students I meet expresses they desperately want to follow God’s will for their life but have no clue how to do this. This is a tragedy because their heavenly Father yearns to lead them in His incredible plan. Following God’s plan for your life is very simple. He longs to lead us more than we long to follow. Christians of all ages simply need encouragement and teaching on how to follow God’s incredible story for their lives. I also speak at conferences and local churches to diverse groups of all ages. As a educator/training psychologist I also speak to secular and Christian audiences about creating an ideal climate for brain growth and maximizing your child’s potential in life.

Donation Instructions

To financially support this ministry please visit: http://secure.powertochange.org/p-410-truthmedia.aspx. After selecting an amount and method of payment please ensure you put my personal ID number in “Donation Details” box. My ID number is: 930950. You may also donate by cash or cheque as well. Cheques should be made out to “Power To Change” (with my ID number 930950 in the memo box). To make it easiest for you please mail them to me directly and I will take care of the rest. Summary of the six ways you may give:

1)      Online credit card donations.

2)      Credit Card through the Financial Partnership Form (PDF on the website and can be order for free from hr@powertochange.org).

3)      Credit Card over the phone

4)      Direct withdrawal from a Canadian bank account using the financial partnership form and a void cheque

5)      Posted Dated Cheques

6)      Cash (in person or through a staff member – do not mail cash)

All donations over $20 will be issued a tax receipt for the full amount donated.

What is TruthMedia?
TruthMedia, is a branch of the non-profit organization Power To Change that imparts to individuals in all areas and walks of life. Through a network of websites that reach out to many segments of society, TruthMedia ministers directly to hundreds of thousands of people every month. We are passionate about using technology to share the Gospel of Christ by creating online communities of evangelism and discipleship to provide resources to help fulfill the Great Commission in this generation. At TruthMedia in addition to reaching the lost, it is equally important to provide daily discipleship and inspiration to ensure every individual is challenged and continually grows in their walk with Christ. Through our own Internet Television Network, writers, and mentors seek to engage every individual and challenge them to live a more meaningful life. Visit our official website (http://powertochange.com/truthmedia/) to view inspiration films and articles, sign up for daily inspirational emails and learn more about this incredible organization.

Effectiveness of This Organization

TruthMedia is an online ministry that imparts to over six hundred thousand people worldwide through inspirational media and mentoring, including emails that inspire and challenge thousands of individuals on a daily basis.  I recognize there are many “great causes” asking for your support. I feel it is very important to be a faithful steward of the finances I have been given and I want to invest into organizations that are using funds most efficiently to have the greatest eternal impact on the world. Personally, I would not feel comfortable investing in or raising funds for an organization that has high administration fees or a small sphere of influence. My prayer for the past years has been to live the greatest eternal life I possibly can and eternally impact the most people possible. I am in awe and my mind is unable to fully comprehend how this prayer has been answered. After I wrote my first article, I suddenly realized these mere words could reach and impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of people across the world. I still can’t even begin to fathom this! Please take a moment and consider you have the potential to change hundreds of thousands of lives.

Every individual has been given different talents and each person has been called to be a faithful steward of their talents. There is a great misconception that those in ministry are more involved or will receive more credit for the work they do, than those who support them. In reality, your involvement in TruthMedia has an even greater impact than my involvement because without your support none of this is possible. As a prayer and financial partner you are the catalyst that will change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

Financial Responsibility
I believe there is a need for greater financial responsibility in Christian and nonprofit organizations. As a donor I want to know exactly where my money is going and ensure my donations are used most effectively to help people. Power To Change has an extremely high level of responsibility and keeps administration costs to an absolute minimum by requiring every one of their employees to personally raise their own support.

What is My Role With TruthMedia & What Are Your Donations Supporting?
Power To Change has one of the highest levels of accountability among non-profit organizations. An unusually low, seven percent of your donation is allotted to provide for administration costs while ninety-three percent goes directly to support me. As a content developer my role is to create, write, edit, film and design written, audio and visual content to publish on our websites to inspire individuals to live more meaningful lives and grow in their walk with God. Additionally, I mentor and support countless individuals from anywhere in the world on a daily basis. (We always have a need for more online mentors, so please contact me if you might be interested in this ministry.)


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