Carpe Diem – Will you seize today?

Life is a journey, if you are fixated solely on the destination you will fail to fully embrace the journey today. As you travel this life remember to daily stop and enjoy the view, basking in the beauty and adventure every sunrise summons.

Every day is a gift. The past has vanished. The future has no guarantees. All you have is today. How will you seize it?
Challenge yourself to seize each moment, each day and each year of your lifetime. Change begins with one decisive step. A journey is completed one step at a time. Unless you intentionally begin this journey, life will quickly pass you by. Apathy births regret. Action births hope.This life is but a vapor. Your earthly life is but the blink of an eye. There is no tomorrow until you take the first step today. Be bold and be brave. Your tomorrow (and future) will continue to evade you until you take the first step today.Human nature we have such a tendency to wish to return to the last or to fast forward to the future thinking it was or will be more enjoyable than today. We must treasure memories of the past but realize our Father is sustaining our finite mortal being because He still has a mission on this earth – people to encourage help and lead to eternity – that we must fulfill. If we wish to live in the last or future we will miss completing the mission and enjoying the beauty our Father has created for us today.


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