Jesus Christ, The Great Anomaly – The Only Person In History Who Purposely Avoided Living Up To His Full Potential

Approaching Easter weekend reflecting on the life of Christ in a new light and prespective that is revolutionizing my life. The real sign of maturity and Christ likeness is only following the Father’s will even when you have opportunity and the supernatural capabilities to do otherwise. This is the most telling and humbling sign for each of us in our walk with the Father, will we do something just because we can or seek His counsel and wait for His leading??

The life of Christ is a great anomaly to the human race. Up until this time every human being (Adam and Eve included) endeavoured to maximze their earthly potential and significance. Aspiring to greatness Adam and Eve ate of the fruit. From this moment forward every human being throughout history has pursued earthly glory and greatnes. In stark contrast, Jesus Christ clothed in the glory and majesty of heaven, willingly humbled himself to human form. More perplexing yet, even in his humanity, He was still divine and had the potential to complete expontantially greater supernatural works on the earth. Jesus could have supernaturally influence every being on the earth to recognize and worship him as the king of the entire earth. He possessed the divine potential to uproot every earthly kingdom and humble every king to bow at his feet. In his sovereign divinity, even while in earthly form it was well within Jesus’ ability to fulfill every old testament prophecy of bringing a kingdom of peace to the earth.

So if Jesus could have ushered in an eternal kingdom of peace and rest on the earth, why didn’t he? Imagine for a moment the number of human beings who have been sujected to torture, death and unspeakable evil since the time of Christ. Think of all the lives Jesus could have saved. So if it was within his divine ability to conquor the world and usher in an eternal reign of peace, why wait? Imagine the great desire and yearning in Jesus heart to bring his kingdom to the earth. Yet as deeply as he desired to conquor the earth and usher in an eternal reign of peace, He loved the Father much more than He loved himself or the opportunity to obtain personal glory. In fact, Jesus could not follow through with this glorious majestic plan because He was continually thinking of you. He loved you so much, He could not start the new world and usher in the kingdom of peae without you!!

Jesus resisted the urge to conquor the earth and usher in his kingdom because he recognized it was not the Father’s perfect will and timing. How many of us would have done the same? Imagine if God gave you the potential to conquor the world and fulfilling every scripture fully ushering in the kingdom of heaven on the earth. Who would even think twice about initiating this endeavour? Yet Jesus passed on this very opportunity because He undersood the perfect will and timing of the Eternal Father. Because Jesus fully understood the Father’s perfect timing and kingdom plan, the Father could bestow on Him all power and authority. Jesus said that He has given us all power and authority on this earth. Yet because we have not come the place of maturity of knowing and following the Father’s will, He mercifully witholds this power.

I don’t think there is a human being on the planet who has yet to fully comprehend Jesus words my food, my sole purpose and only fulfillment in life is only found, in doing the perfect will of the Father. Father teach me your perfect ways, will and timing that I would be able to handle the power and authority you desire to bestow upon every one of your children. Resurrect the great anomaly in me, that I would not seek earthly greatness or glory but completely follow your will for my life nothing more and nothing less.


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