Father’s Heart Bible Translation & Commentary


Do you find reading the Bible boring or difficult to understand? Have you ever wondered why? There is nothing greater than the King of the Universe speaking directly to us through His word. So why doesn’t it seem that exciting? Once we read it for a while it becomes more of a routine and we quickly forget it is the Father Himself speaking to us.

Over the past year I have struggle to read my Bible. I felt like I read it all before and no matter what translation it just felt boring. During this time I have been praying for God to somehow ignite a passion to read His word. I know there are so many Christians in the same place who desire to read the bible but are unable to personally connect with it.


The Bible is the most incredible collection of words in the universe because its a letter directly from the King of the Universe to His children. Sometimes this is lost in translation and our devotional reading becomes reading mere history, words, commands and good ideas. God has challenged me and wants to empower all of His children to rediscover the Father’s heart.

God has challenged me to create a practical, real life translation and commentary of the Bible to empower Christians to fully understand the Father’s heart and be challenged to live more meaningful, biblical lives. I have translated most of the New Testament and am working on a practical, real life, expository, thought provoking commentary that will challenge individuals to grow and live more biblical lives.

God has inspired me to use this unique commentary method that acts much like a verse by verse inspiration devotional that challenges Christians to ponder how they can apply each verse they read to their everyday lives.

I will be posting each book with its unique translation and commentary once they are both complete.

***If you would like to read more unfinished books or if you would like to help with this translation and commentary project please email me directly at joel.alexander.pukalo@gmail.com.


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