1 Thessalonians – The Fathers Heart becoming daily reality commentary and bible translation

1 Thessalonians 1

1This letter is from Paul,Silas, and Timothy to the church in Thessalonica. God is your heavenly the Father and you are in the Lord Jesus Christ. God our Fatherand the Lord Jesus Christ personally send divine empowerment and peace to you.

2We continually pray and thank God for you.

When your heart is awakened to the significance and power of prayer, you will live refuse to go a moment without praying.

3We will always remember your acts of faiths, constant expression of God’s agape love, and unwavering desire to know our Lord Jesus Christ, in the sight of God and our Father;

Is the testimony of your life so distinct it stands out and is rememberable to others? Is your faith so unforgettable that it leaves a lasting impression on those you come in contact with on a daily basis?

4My friends live fully aware that God has chosen you before the foundation of the world.

Are you fully aware God did not only saved you but your heavenly Father has personally and intentionally chosen you. Before this universe existed your Father saw you. Your Father has created the universe for the sole purpose of developing a relationship with His children.

5Our message was more than mere words but a demonstration of the Holy Spirit’s power confirmed our message and is giving you full assurance our message is from God. Our actions display deep personal concern for you also validates our message.

Mere words cannot not make God real to an individual. We need to seek a relationship with our heavenly Father through the Holy Spirit. Until you encounter a relationship with your Heavenly Father, your life will not be a demonstration of His power.

6You have received this message even though it has caused you great suffering. Even in the midst of suffering you are following our example and pursuing God because of the supernatural joy the Holy Spirit provides.

Are you determined to pursue God regardless of the circumstances of your life. It is easy to pursue God when we are living in blessing but our actions during the storms of life reveal if we really trust and passionately love our heavenly Father.

7Your godly lifestyle is a living testimony of Christ to all the believers in Macedonia and Achaia.

8Your lives have been a living testimony of Christ not only in Macedonia and Achaia, but people everywhere are so astounded by your radical faith in God that we don’t even need to preach.

9Everyone keep telling us the incredible affect we have had on you by turning your hearts from idol worship to faithfully serving the one true God.

10People are amazed at how you live every moment of your lives in anticipation of God’s Son coming from heaven that God raised from the dead delivering us eternal torment.

The counter culture lifestyle of Christians is what amazed the world. While everyone else was focused on earthly goals and ambitions, early Christians had one goal, one desire and one motivation for living. They were single minded. In life many passions try to steal our attention but to be effective witnesses to the world, we must become single minded and live for this one sole purpose.

1 Thessalonians 2

1Clearly our visit to you has been extremely fruitful.

2Even though we were discouraged and humiliated in Philippi, God gave us the courage to share the gospel with you in spite of great opposition.

3Our motives were pure and we would never dream of distorting God’s word to make our message more appealing to you.

Distorting God’s word in anyway is changing God’s image and putting him into a box. This is exactly did what Aaron and the children of Israel did when they created the golden calf. In Exodus 34 Aaron says beyond “Yahweh”. When we change God’s word or character in anyway we are creating our own version of the golden calf.

4For God has entrusted us to share the gospel and will judge us based our faithfulness to this call. Knowing we will be judged by our faithfulness, we refuse to alter our message to please people but our sole purpose is to be faithful to God.

God has personally called and entrusted you to be His ambassador to the world. Do you realize at the end of your life you will be judged based on your faithfulness to this mission? In light of the eternal implications of our lives, how can we daily live for and be distracted by so many other things?

5God knows we have never emotionally manipulate people or deceived for personal gain.

6Neither did we try to impress you or anyone else. As apostles of Christ we did not use our position to personally benefit us in anyway.

Whether we realize it or not, we are all influencing others. Leaders who use their position for personal benefit are not leaders at all. The greater desire you have to serve others, the greater a leader you will become.

7But we treated you with compassion, caring for you as a mother cares for her own children.

8We loved you so much that we shared our very lives with you in addition to God’s word. Truly, you have a special place in our hearts.

9We worked hard day and night to earn money, so we could share God’s message with you, without having to ask you for money.

10You are have seen firsthand – and so is God – our pure, holy and devout lifestyle.

Are you aware regardless of how you are living your life is a testimony of God. Daily ponder the reality that your every thought, action and word is representing God to the world around you. What do you think of this quote?

The single greatest cause of atheism in the world today is the way Christians live. – D.C Talk

11Remember how we treated you as a father would treat his own children. We urged, challenged and encouraged you

12to live a life worthy of God, ensuring every thought, word and action is honoring and glorify your heavenly Father. Since He invited you to live in His kingdom and share His glory, you must live a life that is worthy of this calling.

Is your every thought, word and action honoring to God? Do you realize you have received the greatest invitation in the history of the universe? Sometimes we dream of being a royalty, rich or famous but by this invitation you will become far greater than anyone in history! What changes do you need to make to live a life that is worthy of this calling?

13For this reason we never stop thanking God that you received the word of God, not merely as human words, but as divine truth from God that works powerfully in those who believe.

God’s word is the only eternal thing in this temporal world. The Word of God is the most powerful force in the world superseding all laws, logical and limitations in the entire universe.

14When you suffer persecution from your own countrymen for becoming followers of God you have the privilege of sharing in the same experience of the Jude0-Christian churches who are also persecuted by the Jews for their faith.

15It was the Jews who killed our Lord Jesus, their own prophets, and now they also persecute us.  They are not pleasing to God and are they are hostile to all humanity.

16They forbid us to share God’s message otherwise they would be converted. The cup of their sin is so full, it is overflowing and the wrath of God is about to judge them at last.

17My friends though we have only been gone for a short time, (though we are always with you in spirit), our hearts intensely long to see your smiling faces.

If the apostles’ hearts yearned this intensely imagine how deeply your heavenly Father longs to know you and walk with you in His perfect plan for your life!

18I, Paul, have tried multiple times to come visit you but Satan interfered with our plans.

The reality is we live in a fallen world and the enemy of our souls is trying to constantly prevent us from walking in God’s plan for our lives. Though we should not waste a moment even thinking about the enemy, as C.S. Lewis outlines in the Screwtape Letters we should learn his tactics so we can successfully defeat him in every area of our lives. When your life is completely surrendered to God, the enemy cannot touch you. Is there any areas of your life you have not completely surrendered to God? If so you are only giving the enemy free access in your life! Today pray and ask God to reveal to you any areas you need to recommit and stomp the enemy out of your life.

19Our hope, joy, and crown of rejoicing is to know you will be ready and living in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ when he comes.

Is the reality of Jesus Christ your only source of hope and joy in this life? Is He the reason you wake up in the morning and rejoice throughout the day? If you are not daily rejoicing and living in the reality of His presence and seeking a deeper relationship with Him today then you are not ready. How can you prepare your heart today and live ready for Jesus coming?

20Truly, you are our pride and joy.

1 Thessalonians 3

1Because of our great love for you and how desperately we longed to see you, I stayed at Athens alone

2and sent Timothy, our brother, minster of God and co-laborer in Christ to visit you. I sent him to securely fasten your hearts in God and encourage you in your faith:

3Do not be moved by suffering and difficult circumstances for you knew these things were coming.

We do ourselves and others a great disservice if we think that the Christian life is all lollipops and roses. Jesus said in this world we would have tribulation but despite any circumstance we can have great joy knowing He is always with us guiding and comforting us. Difficult circumstances are a necessary part of our Christian life because they force us to depend on and grow in a closer relationship with our heavenly Father.

4We warned you over and over that you would experience hardships and difficult circumstances and now you are in the midst of them.

5For this reason I could no longer wait and I sent Timothy to see if your faith was still strong. I wanted to ensure the tempter would not have access to your life and try to destroy our hard work.

6But when Timothy returned to us, he told us about of your faith and love. Our hearts were overwhelmed with joy to hear you always think about us and passionately longed to see us even as much as we longed to see you.

7Your faith has been an incredible encouragement and brought us great joy in the midst of our present hardship and suffering.

Relationship with other believers is essential to living the Christian life. Other believers provide us the joy and encouragement to make it through the tough times in life. These connections are vital to our survival. Just as a sheep cannot survive without a flock, the Christian simply cannot survive without a community of support.

8Your unwavering faith in the Lord is the fuel that energizes our lives and keeps us going.

Your actions have a tremendous impact on those around you. How can you be an encourager to every person you meet today?

9We cannot thank God enough for you and we are filled with overwhelming joy because of you.

10We pray unceasingly day and night that we might see you and lead you to full maturity in your faith.

We need to continually pray our hearts to be awakened to burn with fervent passion to lead other believers to a deeper relationship with God. This passion consumed every waking moment of Paul’s life. God help us to lay our desires and self seeking agenda aside to live to fulfill your will on this earth!

11May God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ guide us to see you as soon as possible.

12May our Lord divinely empower you to overflow with God’s agape love. That you would love each other and every person you meet as passionately as we love you.

13Through our Lord’s divine love may He securely fasten your hearts to live pure and holy lives in the presence of God our Father living ready and anticipation of our Lord Jesus Christ when he comes accompanied by all who belong to Him.

The love of God is the anchor of our souls that keeps us firmly fixed in Him. Human emotions, promises and will power fade but His love will never fail. We cannot live the Christian life without God’s love permeating and overflowing out of our hearts. It is impossible to forgive and unconditionally love people with human love. Human love is selfish and is self seeking. This is why we must continually seek a greater depth of the Agape love of God because divine life is selfless and life giving. It is impossible to love people and be the hands and feet of Jesus unless our lives are flooded with His divine love.

1 Thessalonians 4

1For this reason, we desperately plead and urge you to continually grow and develop a deeper walk with God every day of your life. Follow our example and don’t allow your walk with God to remain static for even one day! You must go higher up and further in each day!

Can you hear the urgency in Paul’s voice? Paul recognized apart from divine love it is impossible to live the Christian life. For this reason He impels us to ensure we go deeper in our relationship with our heavenly Father every single day of our lives. Are you growing with God everyday? How can you intentionally plan to live each day to develop your relationship with God. Daily journaling to my Heavenly Father is the greatest way to grow in relationship with God. Consider starting a personal journal to your heavenly Father

2These instructions are directly from the Lord Jesus himself.

Growing with God everyday is not only a good idea, it is a direct command from Jesus!

3It is God’s perfect will for your life to live in purity and holiness. Set your mind, heart and life apart from all sexual immorality.

4Learn how to control your body to always honor God and stay pure from all immorality.

5Do not allow your body to be a salve to lust and self gratification like the rest of the world who do not know God.

6As we have sternly warned you before, the Lord will severely punish anyone who uses another believer to satisfy their own lust.

7For God has not called us to impurity but to live holy and pure.

8Anyone who refuses to live by these rules is not disrespecting mere mortals but is disrespecting God Himself, who has given us the Holy Spirit empowering us to be holy.

9If God Himself is teaching you how to love each other, what more could I possibly say?

10Though you already show God’s love to all the believers in Macedonia: we plead with you to continually grow in God’s love each day.

We need to daily seek to grow in a greater expression of God’s love and allow this love to permeate every facet of our being.

11Learn to conduct every area of your life without attracting attention to yourself as we instructed you.

12As you live this way unbelievers will take notice and be compelled to follow Christ. Be responsible and don’t mooch off other people.

13When a loved one dies do not grieve like an unbeliever who has no hope of seeing their loved one again. Know with complete certainty that those who have “fallen asleep” in Christ are with him now.

God’s thoughts on the dead in Christ

14For if we believe Jesus died and rose again, those who have died in Christ have also died and rose again.

15This message is directly from the Lord: those are alive and remain on the earth at the coming of the Lord will certainly not meet God before those who have already died.

16The Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a divine command, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and those who dead in Christ will appear (anistemi G450) first:

17Then those are alive and remain on the earth will be united between heaven and earth (G3507- cloud- nephela) , to meet the Lord in the lower atmosphere (air – aer – G109 particularly the lower and denser air as distinguished from the higher and rarer air) and then we will be with the Lord forever.

(G3507 is specific; the former denotes a great, shapeless collection of vapour obscuring the heavens; the latter designates particular and definite masses of the same, suggesting limit and form.

18Reassure each another with these words.

1 Thessalonians 5

1I have no need to further instruct you on how and when this will happen.

2For you completely understand the day of the Lord will come unexpectedly like a thief in the night.

3When they say, everything is peace and safe; then sudden destruction will come upon them. Like a woman having a child, destruction will come suddenly and it will be impossible to escape the intolerable anguish of this day.

4Since you are not living darkness, the day will not take you by complete surprise.

5For we are children of the light and of the day. We do not belong to the night as there is darkness in our hearts.

6Therefere always be vigilant and alert. Don’t fall into the sleep of spiritual complacency as others do.

7Those who belong to the night are asleep and are intoxicated under the influences of darkness.

8So let those who belong to the light, be spiritually aware. Let your lives be clothed with actions faith and love and let your mind be fixed on the joyful expectations of eternal salvation.

9For God has appointed us to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ saving us from eternal wrath.

10Christ died personally for you and you will never be apart from him. Whether you are alive on the earth (wake) or exit this earth by physical death (sleep) you will always live together with him.

11Continue to reassure and encourage each other in this divine reality.

12My friends I demand you honor and build relationships with those who are committed to the Lord’s work. As your leaders they will guide and instruct you in the ways of the Lord.

13In response to their commitment to you, continually show them with compassionate love and always try to maintain peace with each other.

14My friends we command you to reprimand those out of order, encourage the fainthearted, strengthen the weak and be patient with everyone.

15Ensure no one repays evil for evil, but always pursue what is pleasing to God. Doing good deeds for each other and for all people.

16Rejoice continually for all eternity.

17Be in continual pray every waking moment of your life without ever taking a break.

18Thank God in all circumstances you find yourself in and God will orchestrate the situation to fulfill His perfect for your life.

19Do not suppress the Holy Spirit but completely surrender your life to his influence.

20Honor and respect the gift of prophesy.

21Test everything you hear  and only listen to what lines up with scripture.

22Stay away from anything that has even the slightest resemblance of evil.

23The God of peace will cleanse and complete your entire being. I pray your spirit, soul and body remain pure and holy until our Lord Jesus Christ returns.

24God has called you and he will faithfully complete his work and perfect you.

25Brothers and sisters in Christ please pray for us.

26Embrace all Christian believers in the full expression of God’s love.

27I command you in the Lord to be read this letter to all the believers.

28May the divine empowerment of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen.


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