2 Peter – The Fathers Heart becoming daily reality commentary and bible translation

2 Peter 1

1I Simon Peter, a servant and an apostle of Jesus Christ write to those who live actively dependent on God. This faith and way of life was made possible by the holiness of God and our Saviour Jesus Christ:

2God will multiply his divine empowerment and peace in your life as you become more intimately acquainted with your Father, and your Lord Jesus Christ,

The deeper you know the Father the more his divine empowerment will be at work in your life.

3By his divine power, God has provided his children with everything they need to live a godly life, for he has called us to moral goodness and great glory. The more you know your Father, the more divine power you will receive.

Growing into a deeper relationship with the Father is the answer to every problem in life. If you desire break through and overcoming power grow in your relationship with Your Father.

4For the Father has given his children the most incredible and precious promises, enabling us to be just like our Father. By these promises we can share God’s divine nature and escape world’s corruption caused by the desires of fallen mankind.

Do you realize your Father has made it possible to share and walk in his divine nature? He yearns to empower you to break free from all fallen desires so your every thought word and action is just like Him!

5 Since God’s promises are so great, do whatever it takes to obtain them. Add living a pure life to your complete dependence on God. In addition to living pure develop a closer personal relationship with your Heavenly Father.

Many believers are fail to realize how great the Father’s promises are so they are not motivated and desperate to obtain them. Often we stress holiness and living pure but there is a danger to be religiously pious and miss the whole purpose of purity to have a relationship with God. God does not just desire you to be pure, he desires you to become more like Him and walk in deeper relationship with Him.

6 But don’t stop with just your relationship with God, learn to treat others like God does. Develop self control, patience, kindness godly character.
7 Most of all learn to love everyone with God’s love.
8 If you these traits are daily overflowing out of your life, you will not be barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
9 But he who does not daily exhibit these traits is blind, and cannot see afar off, and has forgotten that he was cleansed from his old sins.

Is your life a living testimony of Jesus Christ? Is your life producing godly fruit for all to see? How can you become more fruitful in your daily life?

10 Don’t be like this! Daily take action to make your calling and election sure: if you do this, you will never fall:
11 Your Father is pleased when you live this way and will welcome you with open arms into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Take daily action. Be so focused and intentional about finishing the mission God has given you. Your intention for living should be to please your Father. Every moment my heart is consumed with this desperate desire to pleas me my Father. It’s not a works! I know my Father already loves me. As a result my heart longs to grow in deeper relationship with Him and perfectly please Him.

12 For this reason I will continue to remind you of these things even though you know them, and are living in the truth.
13 This is so important God wants me to keep reminding you of this as long as I am alive.

It is essential to continually remind ourselves we will one day very soon stand before God and give an account how we lived every moment of our lives. Prayer, reading God’s word and fellowship with other believers are essential to daily remind us what is real and eternal.

14 God has awakened my heart to clearly understand this human life is so short and very soon I will go home to be with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Are you living in this reality. We should daily pray and ask God to awaken out hearts to the brevity of this life. This awareness compels individuals focus on living a more eternally significant life.

15 So I must make sure you remember these things after I depart.
16 For these are not fairy tales we made up. But as first hand witnesses of our Lord Jesus Christ we are making known Christ’s power and coming.

Do you realize Jesus Christ has revealed himself to us on a far greater way than the disciples? Peter knew Jesus in human form and Paul knew him far deeper in the Spirit. So much so that Peter who personally knew Jesus while he walked the earth could not even fathom the depth of revelation and relationship Paul had with Jesus.

Are you daily a first hand witness making known Christ’s coming and power?

17 For he received from God the Father honour and glory, when the Father spoke from heaven, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.
18 We personally heard the Father speaking from heaven when we were with Jesus on the holy mount.
19 We know for sure we have heard directly from God and His word will continue to shine as a beacon of hope in this dark world, until the day dawn, and Christ the Day Star fully rises in your hearts:

Are you allowing Christ to rise and shine brighter in your hearts everyday? The deeper your relationship with Christ, the brighter your light will shine and the more Christ will arise in your hearts.

20 Know for certain, the prophecies of scripture did not originate from any mere human thoughts but are the very thoughts of God.

Sometimes we argue about how the bible came together and miss the central truth God has written His word as a letter to His most precious children. Do you realize the Bible is written to you directly from the Father Himself?

21 God spoke directly to the prophets and they were moved by the Holy Spirit to share the heart of God with the rest of humanity.

How can you effectively share the heart of God with all of humanity. Aside from the leading and empowerment of the Spirit it is impossible. How can you surrender and allow God to empower you to share his heart with humanity.

2 Peter 2

1But there were false prophets in Israel, even as there are false teachers among you today. These deceivers subtly bring in their own ideas that do not originate from God. Unknowingly many of these ideas deny the power and person of Christ and bring harsh judgment on themselves and others.

Any “Christian” ideas or traditions that do not originate from God actually prevent and distract Gods children from knowing and walking in relationship with the Father.

2Many follow their destructive ways and because of them the way of truth will be slandered.

The early church was the greatest evidence and proof Jesus existed. Today the church is the greatest disproving Gods existence. I know those Christians and they don’t even believe or love what they believe, so clearly what they say cannot be true either.

If your life makes perfect sense and is exactly like those in the world your truth claims will be made void. Unless Jesus Christ radically transforms your life others will conclude he must not be real.

3With the desire to acquire more, they will twist the words of the scripture to take your money. Very soon they will be judged and cast into eternal damnation.

Christians should be known for their passionate love and selfless generosity. Yet tragically due to certain individuals who misrepresent Christianity, unbelievers see Christians as manipulators who are trying to take your money. Imagine how God feels about Hess individuals who misrepresent Him and prevent his most precious children into coming into a relationship with Him.

4For God did not even spare angels that sinned but cast them down to hell. In hell are imprisoned in chains of darkness and until the day of judgment.

5And God did not spare the old world, but only saved Noah and the seven others in his family. God protected Noah when he destroyed the ungodly world with a flood because lived a holy life and warned of God’s righteous judgment.

So many speculate and define who will be saved. It is impossible to definitively determine the condition of others because only God knows the heart. Instead of trying to forecast others we must look at our own lives. Are you living and righteous and holy life fully devoted to and in love with your heavenly Father? Those who walk in relationship with t<!–more–>heir heavenly Father, are perfectly safe in the arms of their Father.

6Another time God burned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrha to the ground, demonstrating to humanity the fate of any person who does not live a life that honors God.

Are you living a life that honors God? We can say anything but God is more concerned with how you love that what you say. Is your Christianity based on mere words or life that is devoted and seeking to honor your Father?

7 Only God honoring Lot was rescued, even though his spirit had become troubled by living with the wicked:

8(Being constantly surrounded by the wicked, made his righteous spirit sick progressively more sick each day he was exposed to their unlawful deeds;)

Surround by darkness disables from hearing the voice of our Father and waking in relationship with Him. The darkness we tolerate in our lives limits our ability to hear from heaven. What darkness are you tolerating that is preventing you from hearing from heaven?

9Know with complete certainty the Lord knows how to deliver godly individuals out of difficult situations, but he also knows how to ensure the unjust will get what they deserve in the day of judgment.

Do you trust God in difficult situations? For the Father to be able to deliver us through difficult situations we must be fully surrendered to His plan. Many Christians suffer unnecessarily simply because we are not surrendered to God’s will. The Father yearns to rescue His children but He will not supersede our  freewill to rescue us.

10God will severely punishes those who follow their own twisted desires and despise authority. These people are so blind, proud and conceited they actually believe they are more powerful than and speak lightly of eternal beings including God Himself.

Individuals of this sort of the most foolish people on the planet. Imagine an ant standing next to a lion and boasting of how it is far greater than the lion. Such a notion is completely insane as the lion could completely crush the ant with one paw. Yet human beings who believe they are great are a million times more foolish and finite than the pathetic little ant when compared to the Great King.

11Even angels, who are far greater in power and might, would not dare to talk about such things before the Lord.

12But these individuals are governed by nothing more than hedonistic animal instincts of pain and pleasure. For they speak evil of things they cannot even fathom or understand and will certainly be destroyed in their own corruption;

Angels would not even dare speak other their might or power knowing they are less than mere ants compared to the greatness and glory of the Almighty. Angels shake their heads at the foolishness and conceitedness of mankind because even they could crush us in an instant. (The battle in Kings where the angels killed a massive army who surrounded a city trying to kill Elijah.)

13They will receive the reward of the wicked, for they even indulge in unspeakable wickedness in broad daylight. They take great pleasure in appearing godly when they are fellowshipping with you but they are a disgrace and discredit to your gatherings.

How does your identity at church compare to your identity when you are with unbelievers?  Do you have multiple personalities? James says a double minded man is unstable in all of he does. Though you may act godly at church, it is only a pretend act unless you live this way all week. Though we are often blind to our own hypocrisy, God sees right through it. At the end of your life, God will judge most prominently on how you lived your everyday life and not only how you acted at church. (How you act at church is only about 1% of your earthly life. What about the other 99% of your earthly life? This is what the majority of your eternal reward will be base on.)

14They commit adultery with their eyes and there is not a God honoring thought in their mind. They lead weaker believers into sin and their entire life is motivated by acquiring more.

15They are children who have turned their backs on God and gone their own way, following the way of Balaam the son of Bosor, who only cared about money and willingly used his God given gifts to prophecy against God’s chosen people;

If an individual goes their own way and lose a relationship with God, will they become more or less religious? They are likely to become more religious because they will try to external religion for the relationship they once had with God. How many individuals try to use the gifts God has given them for personal benefit instead of for God’s glory alone? As human beings we at least want a little bit of the glory.

16But he was rebuked for his evil behavior: by a donkey speaking with a human voice to awaken the prophet to his ludicrous behavior.

17These individuals have a futile existence and like wells without water. Their existence is like fleeting like early morning fog and they are quickly vanishing into eternal darkness.

18When they speak smooth, appealing words that are empty and without meaning. They use emotions to pull at your heart strings and appeal to your natural desires to live in excess. They lure many back into selfish living those who barely escaped from a lifestyle of deception.

Individuals can only be drawn away by their own desires. The reason Satan could not successfully tempt Jesus was because Jesus had completely surrendered his entire being to the Father. Jesus had no desire apart from the Father’s will. God yearns for us to fully surrender all of our desires to Him because in doing so we will be invincible to the devil’s ploys. When our desires are completely crucified the devil will be powerless in your life!

19They promise you freedom, but they themselves are slaves to their own desires. For you are a slave to whatever controls you.

20If people who have escaped the world and come to know Jesus Christ, are entangled and overcome by a worldly way of living. They are far worse off now than even before they knew Christ!

21It would be better to have never even heard of God’s ways, than to turn your back from the sacred commandment of God.

22Tragically the old proverb is too often fulfilled, a dog returns to his own vomit; and the sow was washed goes back to her wallow in the mud.

2 Peter 3

1My friends, I write this second letter to stir up your pure minds to always remember

2The words of the holy prophets and the apostles of the Lord and Saviour:

3Most importantly remember, in the last days people will comprise the truth to follow their own desires,

4They will say, He is not coming soon. Every generation thinks they are living in the time Christ will return but nothing has happened since the beginning of the creation.

5They purposely forget that by God’s word the heavens were created and the earth was separated from the waters.

6And God used these same waters to judge the ancient world by flooding the entire earth.

7And in the same way, the present heavens and the earth, will be destroyed by fire on the day of judgment when ungodly people will be destroyed.

8As you think about this, always remember that to God a day is a thousand years, and to Him a thousand years seems like a single day.

9The Lord is not slow in fulfilling his eternal promises to his children but he is patiently waiting because his heart yearns for every human being to turn to their heavenly Father and become his child.

10But God will not wait forever and the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night. The entire earth will become like a giant volcano with lava spreading across the entire planet melting everything. The heavens will also disappear with a deafening sounds louder than thunder.

11Considering everything on the earth and everything on it will be dissolved, how should you live today? Live every moment of your life pleasing and living for God because anything else you live for will be destroyed

12Look and long intensely for the coming of the day of God. Though it is sad the heavens will be set on fire and dissolved melting the earth with intense heat, God will raise beauty from the ashes.

13This process is like a caterpillar undergoing metamorphosis. According to God’s promise, out of the ashes of the destroyed world, he will unveil the new heavens and a new earth, a world filled only with God’s righteousness.

14My friends we have this incredible, eternal future before us, make it the sole priority of your life to live in perfect relationship with your heavenly Father and fellow man. Live a pure and holy life that you would be blameless in God’s sight.

15God’s patience in fulfilling his eternal plan is so others might be saved. Don’t just spectate but get involved in this plan! God has also compelled our dear brother Paul

16To write on this subject in all of his letters as well. Some of his thoughts are hard to understand and those who are ignorant or unbalanced have twisted his words to fit with their own theology just as they do with the rest of scripture. And this will result in their own destruction. (REALLY not my thoughts how the bible translated..)

17Clearly being warned of this ahead of time, be very diligent to embrace and live in the full truths of scripture. Do not be swayed by inaccurate emphasis or distortions of scripture and become unbalanced.

18Daily grow in divine empowerment, and in personal relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever. Amen.


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