Colossians – The Fathers Heart becoming daily reality commentary and bible translation

Colossians Commentary

Colossians 1

1A letter from Paul called to an apostle of Jesus Christ according to God’s perfect plan, and our brother Timothy,
2To the faithful saints in Christ living in Colosse. God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ send divine empowerment and peace to you.

The Father desires to daily empower you to live beyond human ability. However as a freewill being you decide the degree to which this power will work in your life? How can you surrender more to the Father today and allow His power to work through you in a greater measure than ever before?

3We always pray and thank God our Father for you,
4Since we heard about your faith (relationship with and complete dependence) in Christ Jesus, and sincere love for all God’s children.
5It is clear your life is fueled by your anticipation of the future that awaits you in heaven that you first learned about in the truth of the Gospel.

Is your life daily fueled by a passionate pursuit of heaven? Is it clear to those around you which world you are living for? Are you aware of what world you are living for? There are many Christians trying to live for both the temporal and eternal worlds. However those who try to live for both worlds are the most miserable of all people. Such individuals try to balance earthly pursuits with heavenly and are achieve neither. Those who completely pursue earthly pursuits are completely empty but at least they have discovered the things of this world will never satisfy. In this brief life you only have time to pursue one world, which will you pursue? How can you live every aspect of daily existence living for the world that is to come.

6For wherever the Gospel is preached it produces fruits of godly living, as it has in you since the day you heard it and discovered the divine empowerment of God.

The soil of our hearts is prepared God’s word will always produce fruit. We must be fully aware that it is our responsibility to create a conducive climate that will receive God’s Word and allow it to freely work in our lives. Like a gardener our job is to till the soil of our hearts and stay very tender to the things of the Lord. Out Father does the rest by providing the sunshine of divine empowerment that enables us to grow to our full potential.

7Epaphras a dear coworker and brother in Christ has faithfully cared and shared Christ with you.
8In fact, he was the one who told us about your compassionate love fueled by the Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the person of the Godhead who daily empowering us to live the life God has planned for us.

9For this reason we have been continually praying for you since the day we heard about you. We constantly pray that God would give you all wisdom and spiritual understanding to clearly comprehend and walk in God’s will for your life.

Paul’s greatest passion in life was to ensure believers understood how to find and walk in God’s will for their personal lives. Sometimes we feel like God’s will is the vague illusive ideal, but God Psalms 139:16 declares God has scripted our lives before we were even born. Do you realize God has created you with specific gifts and talents to fulfill a specific plan and at the end of your life God will assess you life based on how closely you lived up to those plan? Because Paul clearly understood this He continually prayed for believers to know and understand God’s will.

10Our prayer is that you would continue to grow in your understanding and personal relationship with God, so your life would be fruitful, pleasing and honoring to God.

The depth of your personal relationship with the Father determines the degree your life will be fruitful and pleasing to God.

11That God by his infinite power would empower you with divine ability to fulfill God’s specific purpose for your life without wavering. Through God’s divine empowerment you will even experience God’s joy in the midst of trials and suffering.

It is impossible to complete God’s specific purpose for your life in your own ability. God’s script for your life is beyond your human capabilities, so you will waver and be discouraged if you try this on your own. Your Father desires to divinely empower you to daily walk in His plan for your life with complete joy and fulfillment regardless of what circumstances may come your way. How can you learn to walk in this experience more each day?

12We continually thank our Heavenly Father who has enabled us to share the eternal inheritance of all God’s children living in the light.
13 He has set us free from our imprisonment in the kingdom of darkness and has transported us into the kingdom of his precious Son.
14 Through the blood of Christ our sins are forgiven and we are redeemed.

There are no words to adequately express what the Father has done for you. Daily reflecting on the Father’s saving grace is the fuel that will compel you to live radically for Christ. Those who has been forgiven much love much. It is unfathomable to contemplate how the Father rescued you as hopelessly lost slave in the kingdom of darkness and made you his most precious child.

15He is the visible expression of the invisible God and existed before the creation of the world.

The Father sent Jesus to represent Him and fulfill God’s will in the earth. In the exact same way the Father has sent you as His child and ambassador to represent Him and fulfill His eternal plan in the earth.

16All things both in heavenly and earthly realms were created by His divine power for the purpose of revealing His glory. He created everything we can see and even things we cannot see. He also appointed every kingdom, ruler and authority in both the physical and spiritual worlds.

God could have created a far smaller universe or much simpler less beautiful earth. However, the Father poured His very being into creating the most majestic world possible that would cause His creation to stand in awe of the incredible beauty and complexity of the world and glorify Him.

17He existed before anything was created and by Him every particle in the universe is held in place.

Our Father is sustaining every particle in the universe. He is keeping the planets in proper orbit and sustaining he breath in your lungs. His sustaining power of the earth is the very thing scientists call gravity. If God stopped sustaining the universe for one moment everything would instantly collapse. Stars would implode. Planets would crash into the sun and the human body would come undone.

18Christ is the head the church and we are His body. He is the beginning of everything and He began a new race of beings when He rose from the dead, that He would be the creator and initiator of everything that has and will ever exist.

Christ is the beginning of everything. Nothing good in this world can come into existence unless Christ initiates it. Everything He has ever created has been for one grand purpose. He has created everything for the benefit of and to share with His bride the church. Christ created a new race of beings who will rule and reign for all eternity divinely interconnected with Him.

19For Father’s perfect will and delight was to have all the fullness of Godhead permanently dwell in Christ.

Christ is the full expression of the Father. Yet as Christ’s body you and I have been called to be the full expression of Christ. The Father’s eternal plan will be complete when Christ’s body becomes the full expression of Christ and as a result becoming the complete expression of the Father in the earth.

20He reconciled all things on earth and in heaven to Himself, restoring creation to right relationship with God through His blood on the cross.
21Even though you were strangers to God and enemies of Christ because of your sinful nature, now He has reconciled you
22 Through death of His body on the cross. He paid the ultimate price so you could be blameless, holy and pure enabling you to continually live in his presence.

Few are willing to die for a good man or close friend but it is unfathomable that Christ died a brutal death to give His life all humanity who who despised and rejected Him. It is imperative to daily remind yourself Christ paid the ultimate price for you to live a holy and blameless life always in His presence. Considering the immense cost He paid how can you live for anything less?

23To fully enter into this experience you must remain unwaving and immovable in your faith, unwilling to be diverted or distracted by anything. You must daily live in great expectation and seek the fulfillment of God’s word. I Paul am a messenger of God’s word which has been delivered to all creation.

Are you living in expectation and daily seeking for God’s promises and words being fulfilled in your life?

24I rejoice that I am counted worthy to experience physical suffering for your sake and for the sake of Christ’s body, the church.

As human beings we often try to do whatever it takes to avoid suffering. However from a heavenly perspective if personal suffering is furthering the gospel or leading people to Christ these are the greatest most significant moments of your earthly life when you are walking in the footsteps of Jesus. You should not pursue suffering to become more “holy” but you should openly embrace suffering when it comes because the close fellowship with Jesus these experiences bring.

25According to his divine calling, God has given me the special assignment of sharing His heart with you.

As a believer God has given you a special assignment of sharing His love with the world.

26 The mystery that has been kept a secret since the beginning of the world, the Father is now making known to His children.
27 God desires to reveal to the entire world the infinite glory of this secret. And this is the secret, Christ personally resides in you. With Christ living in you, live in great expectation of becoming like Him in every way and sharing His glory.

Christ personally resides in your heart. Tragically this still remains a secret to many Christians. God is the all wise gardener waiting for the seed potential planted in our hearts to grow to full maturity. Our Father is waiting for Christ to be fully formed in our mortal bodies so we can be transformed into His glorious image. Our hope of glory is to become just like the glorified Son of God living united as one in His resurrection power. This is not in some future age but right now here on this earth. How can you walk deeper in this experience today by allowing God to conform areas of your life to become more like Jesus?

28We share this great mystery with everyone we meet, warning and teaching every person in the complete wisdom God has given us. Our goal is to lead every person to a full spiritual maturity in Jesus Christ.

If your goal is not to lead people to full maturity in Jesus Christ you have missed the purpose of Christianity. Farmers do not plant fruit trees to harvest leaves and branches. God is waiting for the precious fruit of lives that have been fully conformed to His image that are producing spiritual fruit that reflects His very nature. Mere leaves and branches of religious service and outward piety are not enough. We need to allow the Father to completely change our hearts so we become like Him and produce fruit!

29I devote all my energy to this mission, but I cannot do this on my own strength. This is a joint effort, I am colabouring with God according to His divine enablement that empowers me to fulfill this mission.

Without the Father’s empowerment it is impossible to fulfill His mission for your life. Every area of your life must become a joint effort to be effective and fulfilled your mission. What areas of your life are flying solo and need to surrender to the Father’s control so He can pilot your life. What do you devote you attention? Like Paul how can you change your priorities to devote every waking of life to following the Father’s mission for your life.

Colossians 2

1I wish I could express in words, how much my heart burns for you, the church at Laodicea, and even for those believers among you who I have never met,
2I desire that you would be encouraged and united as family who have sincere love for each other. I long for you to fully understand and grow in your relationship with your heavenly the Father. As you grow in relationship with your Father, you will learn the secrets of His heart and more completely understand God’s secret plan in Christ.

As we grow in relationship with the Father our hearts burn with the Father’s zeal to see His kingdom come and His will be done in the heart of every person on the earth.

3 Unlimited depths of wisdom and knowledge are waiting to be discovered in Christ.

All wisdom required to successfully fulfill your earthly and eternal destiny can only be found in a deep relationship with Jesus. Imagine possessing all of God’s wisdom and knowing how to respond to every situation? How can you daily grow in your relationship with Christ and intentionally unlock the infinite depths of wisdom and knowledge waiting to be discovered in Christ?

4I say this to ensure no person tries to convince otherwise with flattery and appealing arguments.
5Though I am not physically present, I am with you in the spirit. My greatest joy in life is knowing you are living a godly lifestyle and that your faith is firmly fixed in Christ.

Your Father’s greatest joy originates from observing your holy life completely dependent on Christ. How can you grow in these areas to further Your Father’s joy?

6As you have accepted Jesus Christ as the Lord of your life, walk in personal relationship with Him and follow in His footsteps.

Inviting Jesus into your heart is much like the commitment of marriage vows. By your words you are declaring Jesus is now the sole priority of my life and I will live all of my days to love, honor and obey Him. Similar to marriage the
most important aspect of this commitment to daily ensure you are growing in a personal relationship with Jesus. Just as marriage is impossible without relationship, Jesus cannot continually live in our hearts unless we seek to cultivate a daily relationship with Him. As revelations 3:21 reveals Jesus is at the door of our hearts waiting for us to let Him in.

7 As you daily walk with the Lord, your heart is developing deeper roots and growing in Him. Through this process your faith is becoming more grounded. Continually give thanks to God in every circumstance as they will also develop your life.

As a tree develops a deeper root system and trunk, nothing in nature is able to move it. The key to overcoming all the storms of life is develop a deep relationship with Jesus. Many Christians have a measure of faith but when the storms of life come their faith is uprooted because they have not developed a deep personal relationship with Jesus. A person can have all the faith in the world but without a deep relationship with Jesus they have no anchor fix their hearts during the storm and their faith will be shipwrecked.

8Be on guard of anyone trying to distorts your beliefs through intellectual arguments, religious traditions or societal norms that do not line about with the truth of Christ.
9 Know with complete certainty the full glory of the Godhead resided in the physical body of Christ.

The world today attempts to distort our beliefs by attempting to disprove or question God’s existence in nearly every facet of life. One person argued the story of Noah’s Ark is absolutely absurd. Did God line up all types of animals two by two and lead them onto a boat?

Our problem is perspective. As human beings this seems impossible. But if God is strong and powerful enough to create a vast array of diverse, complex beings then loading them onto a boat is no problem. Human arguments that seeks to disprove or question God’s power or ability are fundamentally flawed. If God possesses the power and ability to create an infinitely complex universe, it is absolutely ridiculous to suggest He does not have the ability to accomplish anything in the universe that He has already created.

Imagine of you created an army robots with human intelligence. An onlooker views these robots and comments how incredible it is that these robots just came into being. As the creator of the robots you are outraged by the individual’s ignorance discrediting years of ingenuity and designing.

10Humans are incomplete beings who can only find their completeness in Christ who is the king of all kingdoms and rulers in heaven and on earth.

As a human being you are incomplete and unable to fulfill God’s mission for your life apart from Christ. Yet why do I spend so much of my life depending on myself and following my own plans instead of following God’s plan and fully depending on Christ.

11Christ has circumcised our hearts (this the spiritual circumcision) by removing our sinful nature.

Through spiritual circumcision God has not only removed our sinful nature but He has also recreated you in His image. However it is also imperative to daily surrender your desires to God and allow Him to change them. Many believers struggle with sin because they have not surrendered these desires to God and allowed Him to transform their desires to only desire God’s will.

12In baptism we die with Christ and he raises us to new life by our faith in the infinite power of God that raised Christ from the dead.

You must die to truly live. Until you no longer exist and completely die to your past life, you will not be able to experience the infinite power to overcome all sin and live in complete victory.

13We were spiritually dead in our sins and failure to obey the law by circumcising our flesh, until Christ forgave our sins. Now God has raised us from spiritual death to live with Him forever and walk in the resurrection power Christ on this earth.

Are you walking in the resurrection power of Jesus Christ? This is God’s desire and perfect will for your life. He has raised you to life for this very purpose. You are still on the earth for this very purpose. The moment God saved you He could have translated you to heaven but He has kept on the earth to finish His eternal mission and walk in the resurrection power of Jesus. Since this is the only reason you are still here, this must become the sole focus of your life.

14Christ erased out any record of charges against us and completely removed our sin that was preventing us from coming to God by nailing it to His cross.

Any sin, situation or circumstance past, present and future Jesus has already personally overcome to ensure nothing will ever separate you from relationship with your heavenly Father.

15He defeated the spiritual principalities and shattered their power, publically shaming them by His victory on the cross.

If Christ has already overcome every situation and circumstance in your life past, present and future how can you tolerate any area of defeat in your life? As His most precious child your Father has made provision for you to live in complete victory. Regardless of the complexity of your situation if you will fully surrender to the Father’s will, He has already prepared a battle plan to lead you to complete victory in every area of your life. The key to this plan is abiding in His Word and seeking your Father every waking moment. Most people’s level of commitment follows the pattern of roller coaster so without an enduring commitment they are unable to fulfill the Father’s plan. Like the Israelites who conquered the promiseland we tolerate habits or desires that oppose God and eventually take back territory in our hearts.

16In light of this don’t let anyone tell you observing religious traditions such as what you eat or drink and ceremonies like the new moon or sabbath day will make you holy.
17For all these things were only shadows and symbols foreshadowing Christ.

When Jesus came God’s people were so caught up in following the religious rituals they were completely oblivious they were pointing to something greater. Even today many are following shadows and symbols instead of following the person of Jesus Christ. Daily ask God to examine your heart and reveal any area of your Christian walk that is not fully and completely based on the person of Jesus Christ.

18Do not be deceived by anyone who claims to have seen visions or heard God tell them to worships angels. These thoughts are not from God but from human minds who are distorted and intoxicated by pride.

Pride is more intoxicating than any substance. Pride distorts all reasonable and rationale judgment compelling individuals to waste their lives pursuing earthly vanity. The greatest danger is pride deceives individuals into thinking their lives are meaningful and important when their lives are meaningless and pointless.

19 Pride prevents people from being connected to the body of Christ and walking in relationship with Him. For every member in the body of Christ must be connected to the head to receive spiritual food and understanding to grow into maturity as God intends.
20Since you have died with Christ He has released you from the spiritual bondage of worldly religion, how can you stay in the bondage of religious rules such as
21Don’t touch; Don’t eat; Don’t handle;
22These are merely human rules about temporal earthly things that will pass away.
23These religions have the illusion of being godly because they require strong personal devotion, human willpower and strict rules.

The greatest counterfeit to Christ is spiritual piety that demands strict devotion that focuses on human willpower instead of being divinely empowered.

Colossians 3

1 Since you have been raised to new with Christ, pursue only heavenly things and specifically a relationship with Christ who is seated at the right hand of God.

If you really believe in heaven you would not spend a moment pursuing temporal things you can enjoy for a few finite earthly moments. Instead your only focus in life would be to seek heavenly treasures and most importantly every waking moment chase a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Does this describe your life? If not then heaven is clearly not a reality in your life yet.

2Think, pursue and desire eternal things and do not waste time chasing temporal things that will disappear.
3You are dead to this world, and your life is awaiting with Christ in God.

Your entire life awaits on eternity’s shore. With your every thought, action and word you are either investing your life in eternity or choosing to waste your life chasing temporal things. How you live every moment to pursue and live in the eternal life God has created you for?

4When Christ, who is our life is revealed to the world, then we will be revealed as a visible expression of His glory.

In Galatians 3 the Father declares He has created us with the exact likeness and nature of Christ. We have the potential to be like Christ in every way and to be completely clothed with the nature of Christ. As any fashion designer knows clothing is the outward expression of an individual’s inward nature and character. As we mature Christ is growing in our hearts. When Christ becomes everything to us and permeates our inward being His character and nature will overflow out of us and we will become a visible expression of His glory.

5Put to death all sinful earthly desires of sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires, and greedy desires. For this is idolatry because your desires have taken God’s place in your heart.

Idolatry is simply anything that occupies a place in your heart. As your heart is the temple of the living God, anything else in God’s temple defiles it.

6All these actions cause the holy anger of God to come on those who refuse to obey him.
7When you lived in the world you used to do all these things.
8But now it is time to walk away from your past life. Be done with violent outbursts of anger or rage, speaking evil or desiring to hurt others malice, lying to others or saying anything that is not glorifying God.
9The person you used to be no longer exists!

You need to labour in prayer until God personally reveals to you, your past life no longer exists. For years my past life used to make me feel so unworthy and hindered my relationship with God. I believed God saved me and I was going to heaven but the enemy was trying to prevent me from living in freedom in Christ.

If you live in condemnation because of even one action in the past you need to realize the only way God can save you and lead you heavenward is by ending your past life and recreating you in His image. No fallen human beings can enter or heaven or experience the joy of salvation until God regenerates them. If you feel condemned by your old life, seek a break through by continually praying you are a new creation in Christ. Old things have passed away and all things have become new in your life.

10You are a brand new being with a brand new nature! You are continually being transformed as you grow in personal relationship with your Creator, becoming more like Him each day.

Christ began the new race of eternal beings that you are now apart of you. You have the potential to like God in every way. And as you grow in relationship with your Father you are becoming more like Him. It is awesome to realize the Father’s plans have never changed. From before the foundation of the world the Father has planned to create children in His image and likeness. Through Jesus Christ you are accomplishing the Father’s eternal plan.

11 In the new nature Christ is everything and in everything. It doesn’t matter if you used to be Jewish or Greek, circumcised or uncircumcised, foreign or uncivilized, slave or free, because Christ is all that matters now.

Disregard everything else that used to define you and allow Christ to be the only thing that brings value, worth or meaning to your life. Consider everything else in life rubbish and allow Jesus Christ to become everything to you.

12Since God has chosen you to start a new race of beings as his holy and dearly loved children, let your life be a display of unlimited compassion, kindness, humility, and gentleness. 13Be patient with each other and forgive anyone who does anything to wrong you. Following Christ’s example freely forgive others just as he has forgiven you.

God is not merely giving commands for good behavior. As Christians, how you live reveals to the world the character and nature of God. God calls us to follow in Christ’s example because when we live Christ all humanity will be drawn to God. Our Father does not give trivial commands, His Words are light to our path that lead us closer to our eternal destiny and compel others to follow with us.

14Most importantly ensure your life is a reflection of God’s agape love. For God’s love is the glue that fuses us together as His body.

The power of God’s love fuses the body of Christ together as one entity to fulfill the Father’s eternal plan in the earth.

15Let God’s peace control your entire being and keep your heart free from any agitation. Since we are members of Christ’s body we must live in peace with each other continually thanking God in everything.
16Allow God’s word to permeate your entire being because this will make you wise. Worship God with hearts divinely empowered by his grace. Educate and guide others to know God’s heart through worshipping Him in psalms, hymns and songs inspired by the Holy Spirit.

True worship is a journey that leads believers deeper in God’s heart and His purposes for their life. If you desire to know God more become like David who worshipped God with total abandonment from His youth. Through worship David continually journeyed to greater depths of God’s heart and as a result experienced break throughs to overcome situations and circumstances.

17Let every thought, word and action of your life be a reflection of our Lord Jesus, continually thanking God the Father through Christ.

You have no hope of accomplishing this your own strength. However as you progressively surrender more of your life to God’s control, His grace is able to move more freely through your life to divinely empowering you live like Christ.

18Wives, highly esteem and respect your husbands as this is honoring to God.
19Husbands, highly esteem and care for your wives, and do not dare mistreat them in anyway.
20Children, do everything your parents ask you to do. God is very pleased by this because as obey your parents you are actually obeying and honoring God.
21Parents be careful not to crush your child’s spirit by putting too much pressure on them.
22Studens and employees, honor and obey the earthly authority over you. Don’t put on a show when they are watching you but serve them faithfully to demonstrate that you really respect and honor God.

Your treatment of other people in your life is a direct expression of your love for God. If you sincerely love God, this love will naturally overflow into every relationship in your life. How you treat others is the most accurate measurement of the degree you honor and respect God. Regardless of where you are at today, you need to continually pray that God will flood your heart with a greater measure of His love and compassion for others.

23Let every earthly action be fueled by a passionate desire to only please and honor God. Forget about trying to please others, just ensure your life is pleasing to God.

It is important to examine the motivation for our every though, action and word. Though our intentions may be good if our primary motive is not to honor God we are wasting our time.

24Always remember the real master you are serving is Christ. He will reward each person with an eternal inheritance based on their faithful service.
25But those who act wickedly will receive the punishment they deserve. The unfaithful servants will also receive a reward based on what they have done. For God is not prejudice and does not give anyone preferential treatment.

God desires for every human being ever created to discover a relationship with Him and follow Him all the days of their lives. The degree you devote your life to fulfilling God’s eternal plan determines the depth of your eternal reward. What are you living for today? What changes do you need to make to live all out for God to obtain your full eternal reward?

Colossians 4

1 If you are authority ensure you respect and fairly treat those under your command fully aware you also have a Master in heaven.

An awareness of your eternal Master will compel you to treat those under your authority with the highest degree of respect. If you oversee unbelievers you should be very intentional about using your influence to compel them to follow Christ.

2Be vigilant to live continually abiding in relationship with your Father, always thanking Him in every circumstance.

The key to living a victorious empower life is living in continual relationship with the power Source. Walking in relationship with the Father is as essential as plugging an appliance into the wall. Even if our relationship is interrupted for a moment our life will lose all power and effectiveness. For this reason to be effective and live and empowered life we must remain plugged in at all times.

3Pray God would open doors and give us greater opportunities to share the mystery of Christ, even though I am in prison.
4 Also pray for for God to empower me to reveal Christ in such a way that compels and convicts everyone who hears.

When you live in relationship with the power Source no earthly circumstance or plan of the enemy can prevent God’s eternal plans and purposes from being accomplished. This day determine with all your heart that you will refuse to let any situation discourage of prevent you from following the Father’s perfect plan for your life.

5Act wisely around unbelievers, not wasting a moment with meaningless conversations but seizing every opportunity to challenge their hearts to search for the truth. Ask the Holy Spirit to divinely empower your words to speak directly to needs and cravings of every individual compelling them to follow Christ.

7Tychicus, a faithful minister, dear brother and fellow-servant of the Lord will update you on my present condition.

8I sent Tychicus to ensure you are doing well and encourage you in your spiritual walk.

9Onesimus the faithful and dearly loved member of your church is also with him. The two of them will update you on what is happening here.

10Aristarchus who is also in prison with me sends his greetings and so does Mark, Barnabas’ cousin. (As I mentioned before make sure you take care of Mark if he comes to your city.)

11 Jesus the Hebrew Christian (who you know as Justus) also greets you. These are the only individuals who have been working with me to further God’s kingdom. They have been a tremendous encouragement to me.

12Epaphras, another brother from your church and servant of Christ greets you as well. He is always passionately praying for you to grow to full maturity and completely live in God’s perfect will for your life.

13I have personally witnessed his incredible passion for you and for the churches in Laodicea and Hierapolis.

14Luke, our dear physician friend, and Demas, greet you.

15Please send my greeting to the believers in Laodicea, and personally to Nymphas and the church that meets in her house.

16After you share this epistle with all those in Colosse, share it with all the church of the Laodiceans as well. In like manner make sure you read the epistle from Laodicea as well.

17Please tell Archippus, “Be faithful and carefully attend to the ministry God has given you.

18I personally greeting in my own writing. Remember my chains. May God’s divine empowerment always surround you. Amen.


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