Ephesians Daily Reality Translation & Commentary

Ephesians 1
1Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ appointed by the divine will of God. I write to the saints at Ephesus who are the faithful in Christ Jesus.
2God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ send divine empowerment and peace to you.

Though we may not fully embrace it God daily sends divine empowerment to enable us to do far more than humanly possible. Tragically the majority of Christians do not cooperate and allow this empowerment to work in their lives. How can you allow God’s grace today to enable you to do far more than humanly possible?

3All praise to God our Father who has given us every single spiritual blessings in heaven because of our relationship with Christ.

Do you realize that as a child of God every spiritual blessing heaven is now yours?

4Before the foundation of the world, the Father choose us to be in Christ as his perfect and holy children who would perpetually live in his direct presence.

You have been given for the greatest honor of any human being in history! Before the world began God personally chose you to live in His presence forever. What actions can you take and how can you prioritize your life to fully enter into this today?

5With great love and delicate care the Father preplanned to adopt us as His very own children and bring us into relationship with Him through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Do you realize before the world was created the Father orchestrated this intricate plan. What unfathomable love! Jesus Christ personally gave His life to bring you into unbroken relationship with Your heavenly Father. How can you grow in a greater relationship with your Father today?

6The Father has invited us to share the infinite glory and splendor of Christ. Praise the Father for what lavish grace He has poured out on us!!

Do you realize as a child of God you share the same power, authority and glory Jesus possessed when He walked on this earth?

7By the Father’s immeasurable grace (divine empowerment), he has redeemed us and we are fully forgiven through the blood of Christ.

You are not only forgiven. The blood of Christ has erased your past and God sees you as perfectly as Jesus.

8The Father overflows unlimited grace (divine empowerment) empowering us with a holy passion to follow His will and to be wise.

God’s will is not a vague or difficult to walk in. God provides us unlimited divine empowerment to follow His. We need to daily seek this empowerment and allow it to fully work in our lives.

9It is the Fathers great delight to reveal to you the secrets of His eternal plan.

In Jeremiah 33:2 God says call to me and I will show you great and marvelous things. Your Father yearns to spend time with you and share with you the deepest secrets of His heart.

10 According to his own good pleasure and perfect timing the Father planned to unite everything in heaven and earth in Christ.

God’s timing and planning are perfect. Though we may not understand we need to learn to simply trust the one who created us. If He can sustain the entire universe than orchestrating our little life will be no problem at all.

11 Though this is incredible, as coheirs  with Christ we have an even greater privelege of sharing in God’s immeasurable inheritance of all things in heaven and on earth. Our Father pre-planned this according to his own perfect eternal will. By His sovereign will he orchestrates every particle in the universe.

The same God who has meticulously planned the orbit for the planets has also charted a perfect course for your life. As coheirs with Christ we will be like Him and share in His experience for all eternity.

12The Father has done all these things so that we who first trusted in Christ would be in awe and worship his divine glory.

There is a great danger for the cross of Christ to become common place. We need to continually reflect on the unfathomable grace that God daily shows upon us. When Christ becomes common place our lives will also be common and boring.

13After hearing the true message of salvation you believed God and put your complete trust in him. God has identified and confirmed you as his child by giving you the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit enables us to daily walk in unbroken fellowship with our Father.  How can you fully embrace the Holy Spirit and walk in unceasing relationship with God today?

14The Holy Spirit is only the beginning and down payment confirming the complete inheritance the Father will give us, after he completes his redemptive plan for all creation. The Father’s plan is so incredible how can you not be in awe and worship His divine glory?!

If Jesus Christ is not the most exciting and awesome part of your life then you do not know Him very well. When you really get to know Jesus, He will become the love of your life and all consuming passion of your heart. How can you practically change one thing in your life to grow in relationship with Jesus today?

15Since the moment I heard about your faith in the Lord Jesus, and passionate love for all believers,
16I have been continuously thanking God for you. I constantly pray
17That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ and Father of glory would give you spiritual wisdom. I also pray the Father would personally reveal himself to you more and more each day.

Prayer is the most essential element for spiritual growth. How can you orchestrate your life to intentionally set aside time to pray throughout the day.

18As you grow in relationship with the Father, your spirit will be illuminated to clearly understand the eternal future awaiting you as a child of God. As God’s very own children you inherit the immeasurable eternal glory of your heavenly Father.

The more you know me the more clearly you will see eternal reality. Those who see eternal reality will live more significant earthly lives. Continue to develop a deeper relationship with me so you will waste your life.

19I also pray continually you would realize the limitless divine power available to every child of God.

Do you realize my infinite power resides within you? Humility is the key that will unlock my divine power within you. Though I long to give us all power and authority I can only empower you to the degree you are yielded and fully surrendered to my will.

20 The same divine power God has made available to you, raised Christ from the dead and appointed him to the highest place of honor and authority in heaven.

The resurrection power of Jesus Christ is flowing through you this very moment. To daily access this power you must give me complete control of every area of your life and learn to walk in deeper relationship with me. What areas of your life do you need to surrender today to allow God’s divine power to flow more freely through you?

21By the divine power of God, Christ has been exulted above all any ruler, authority or power not only in the present world but also in the world to come.
22The Father has put all things under the authority of Christ and has set him up as head over all things to the church.
23The church his body and the full expression of Christ by which he fills everything in the entire universe with his presence.

You are the complete expression of Jesus Christ.

I am waiting for my children to become the full expression of my character, my nature and my very being in the earth.

Ephesians 2
1Before Christ raised you to life you were spiritually dead because of sin.
2In your spiritually dead condition you followed the ways of the world and were pawns manipulated by the unseen ruler, the devil himself. He is still operating in the all whose who have not responded to God’s truth.

People in the world believe they are independent entities and I complete controls in the world. There is no such neutrality. You are either serving the kingdom of darkness of the kingdom of light. Any area of your life not surrendered to God, you are willfully allowing yourself to be a pawn of the enemy.

My heart breaks to see my children used as pawns of the enemy. Search your heart my child are there any areas of your life that you are a slave to the kingdom of darkness?

3We all used to live this way, enslaved by the thoughts and desires of our evil nature. For this reason we were under the eternal wrath of God just like everyone else.
4But our Father loves us so deeply and possesses such boundless mercy,
5He resurrected us to life with Christ even when we were dead in sin and enemies to God. By his grace (divine empowerment) he has saved us.

Do you realize what I have done for you when you were totally opposed to me? Are you daily living in the new resurrection life I have awakened you to? How can you more fully enter into the new life I have awakened you to today?

6In addition to saving us, our Father has united us in perfect relationship with him.  He has raised us up and we are seated in places of authority with him in the heavenly realm because we are united with Jesus Christ.

My child I have seated you with Christ
giving you all power and authority in the heavenly realm.

the greek emphasizes and over emphasizes our togetherness with our Father with his children..a family.. we are together together together with our Father… 3-4 greek describe and emphasis together)

7God has raised us up as his children, so we could reveal his unending grace in future ages.

My church is my masterpiece that will reveal my glory for all eternity. I have called you to be the full expression of my grace in the earth.

8You are saved by grace alone through your faith in God(dependence on and relationship with God).  God has freely given you his grace (divine empowerment) as gift.

My grace (my divine empowerment) is gift that is unwrapped and opened as your more completely depend on and grow in a greater relationship with me.

9 You cannot earn God’s grace by good works. So let no one boast or pride themselves in their own good works. For all human efforts to obtain eternal life are futile.

You cannot earn my love or grace. Your own strivings to learn my grace actaully prevents grace from working in your life. My child I long for you to learn to depend and develop a deeper relationship with me so I can flood my grace into every area of your life.

10You are God’s divine masterpiece. God created you as a new being in Christ Jesus to fulfill the perfect script he wrote for your life before the world began.

My child you are my greatest work and the crowning glory of all creation. Everything I have done since the beginning of the world has been to enable you to fulfill the perfect plan I have scripted for your life. Continually remind yourself I am intimately involved in every detail of your life.

11Never forget you used to be an uncircumcised “Gentile” and you were considered an outsider by the circumcised Jews who were the only ones who had any access to God.
12In this state it was impossible to receive the promised Messiah. You had no hope of knowing God because you were not of Jewish descendant and therefore it was impossible to obtain the covenant promises.
13You used to be completely isolated from God. But God has brought you near to himself and you have been united with Christ through his blood.

Never forget the awesome privilege of being adopted into the family of God and personally walking daily relationship with your heavenly Father.

14Christ is our peace and is able to keep our hearts in perfect rest from all agitation. He also brought peace to all mankind when he broke down the wall of division between Jews and Gentile “outsides” uniting them all as one in Christ.
15By abolishing the Jewish Law, Christ created in himself a new race of beings ending all racial and religious distinctions.

In Christ you have become a new race of beings created in the exact image of the Father.

16Through his death on the cross, Christ brought both Jews and Gentiles into right relationship with God and united them as one. In the past they were sworn enemies but now both groups have become friends in Christ.
17Christ accomplished this by sharing his peace with you Gentiles who were completely isolated from God and the Jews who only knew God at a distance.
18Through Christ we all have a direct relationship with our Father through the Holy Spirit.

Before Christ, only a few select individuals could know me from a distance. Now that the veil has been torn I have been longing for my children to enter into a personal relationship with me. Tragically the majority of Christians are breaking my heart because they live no differently than the saints of old. My heart is yearning to enter into a deeper relationship with you.

How can you daily orchestrate your life to enter into a deeper relationship with your heavenly Father?

19Now you are no longer a foreigner or outsider but you belong to the family of God and live in God’s kingdom with all who believe in God.

Live everyday with the realization I am your Father and you are my most precious child. You are a part of the greatest, true royal family in the history of the world. To live in my kingdom you must surrender every area of your life.

How can go further into God’s kingdom today? What areas of your life do you still need to surrender?

20The Father has united every believer through all history to form his holy temple. The apostles and prophets are the foundation of the temple but Jesus Christ is the framework that holds the entire structure together.
21As the body of Christ, the Father himself is carefully framing us together to complete His holy temple.
22Through Christ you former Gentile outsiders are also built into the Father’s holy temple. The Father has assembled together all the saints so He can live in His children forever.

Since the foundation of the world I have been searching for a place to live and permanently dwell. For six thousand years I have been yearning and waiting to fully dwell in my children.

Ephesians 3
1Because the Father’s incredible plan for you Gentiles, I have become enslaved to the mission of Jesus Christ.
2For God has put me on special assignment to share the grace of God with you Gentiles.

My child I have given you a specific mission to share my love and divine empower with every human being you meet.

3God personally revealed his secret plan to me (I briefly wrote to you earlier about this.  4When you read this it will explain everything I know about the secret plan of Christ.)

A personal revelation of your Father is only way to fulfill God’s calling for your life.  The Father is yearning and waiting for you to seek Him with all your heart for He longs to reveal Himself to you.

5God did not reveal the secret plan in Christ to previous generations but he has now unveiled this incredible plan to his apostles and prophets by the Spirit.

David longed and spent his entire life searching out this mystery. Have you taken this for granted? Do you study and search out this plan on a daily basis? If you do not this message is not precious or important to you.

6The Father’s secret plan in Christ and deepest desire is for all people of all nations to become children of God and part of the body of Christ. By accepting the gospel anyone is able to receive and fully enter into the promises of God in Christ.

Does your heart burn as your Father’s heart beats for every individual you encounter on a daily basis? Ask the Father to overwhelm your heart with His furious love for every person you meet.

7The gift of God’s grace supplies me with divine power enabling me to be a faithful servant of God.

Do you realize you cannot be a faithful steward with your Father’s daily empowerment. God alone can empower you to be faithful.

8Though I am less than the least of all Christians, God has called me and given me his grace (divine empowerment) to share the immeasurable glory of Christ with all the Gentiles.

Daily remind yourself without your Father’s empower you can accomplish nothing of eternal significance in your own strength.

9 God chose me to unveil to everyone his secret plan in Christ. God, who created all things by Jesus Christ, has kept this secret hidden since the beginning of the world.

Are you aware your Father has planned before the history of the world to pace you at this time in history to reveal and fulfill God’s secret mission. Do you realize you are on a secret mission far greater than any spy or vigilante? How can you remind yourself to daily focus on and fulfill your secret mission?

10God’s perfect plan was to use the church to reveal his infinite and multidimensional wisdom to all the unseen authorities and powers in the heavenly realm.

The body of Christ shares the same mandate of Jesus Himself. The Father is waiting for the church to complete His eternal plan as the hands and feet Jesus on the earth.

11God created this perfect plan and Jesus Christ fulfilled it.
12By the faith of Christ we can boldly and confidently enter God’s presence.

Are you daily living in this promise. David and other saints spent would have given anything to enter into this experience. God has invited us to live in His presence, how can you rearrange your life to seize this opportunity today?

13Do not lose heart because I have experienced suffering to bring you this message. You should be honored I am suffering for you.
14As I continually think about God’s eternal plan, I always pray to our Heavenly Father for you.

When you realize the power of prayer, you will live in a continual state of prayer.

15(who is the Creator and Father of everything in heaven and on earth)
16That by the Holy Spirit, the Father would strengthen your spirit with his limitless divine power,

Your Father desires to flood your life with His limitless divine power. We are the ones who limit the flow of His power in our lives. How can your life be so completely surrendered to God, His divine power can move through you in the same capacity it worked in Jesus’ life.

17that Christ will permanently live in you as you totally depend on him. With Christ abiding in your heart, you will be permanent fixed in Christ’s love and
18able to comprehend the infinite, unending width, length, depth and height of Christ’s love for you. The Father desires every child of God to fully comprehend Christ’s love for you.

Is your life rooted in the Father’s unrelenting love for you? As you comprehend the Father’s intense, unchanging love your life will be completely transformed. God’s love will change the way you perceive yourself, the way you treat others and will revolutionize every area of your life.

19As you personally experience the love of Christ (a love so great it cannot be grasped by the human mind) your entire being will be flooded with the presence and power of your Heavenly Father.

How can you daily pursue a deeper experience with the love of Christ? The deeper you go into God’s love the more His presence and power will permeate your life.

20God’s infinite divine power can accomplish anything in your life. His power supersedes the laws of nature and far exceeds the human mind’s wildest imagination. Though God’s divine empowerment is infinite, it can only work in your life according to the degree you surrender and give him control of your life.

Do you yearn for a greater measure of God’s divine power in your life? Like David prayed in Psalms ask God to search every area of your heart and surrender your life entirely to God. Your Father’s greatest desire is to personally show you how to fully surrender and live in the fullness of His divine power that raised Christ from the dead.

21To God be all glory and honor in the church through Christ Jesus for all eternity. Amen.

It is the incredible privilege of church to reveal God’s glory and splendor for all eternity.

Ephesians  4

1 I urge you as a prisoner of the Lord, to live a pure and holy life worthy His call. This is the only logical, reasonable response to what God has personally done for you.

Paul in prison provides a perfect illustration of how we should live our earthly lives totally devoted and locked up in eternal reality. We should live as prisoners as heaven living every waking moment choosing to be imprisoned in God’s eternal purposes.

2 Do not consider yourself great but be humble and patient. Love everyone with compassion and be quick to forgive them if they make a mistake or hurt you.
3 Make every effort to keep yourselves united in the Spirit and you will live in God’s divine peace.
4 There is one Spirit and we are one body, so we must live unified in the sole hope of our calling.

An individual would be completely insane if they used their arm to poke out their eye. In the same way it is equally insane for believers to hurt other believers in anyway.

5 We have one Lord, one faith, one baptism,
6 One God and Father of all, who is above all, working through all circumstances and he lives in all of you.

Do you live every moment of your life fully aware your heavenly Father personally abides in your very being? An awareness of your Father’s presence will transform your perspective and actions in every area of your life.

7 Every child of God has been given the exact same amount of grace (divine empowerment) Christ possesses. However, every individual is given different gifts and functions in God’s grace (divine empowerment).

Every believer has been given the same amount of divine empowerment, but the degree an individual surrenders their life to God determines the degree divine empowerment can work in their life.

8 For the scripture promises, When Christ ascended up on high, he set us free from captivity and gave divine gifts to every person.
9 Before Christ ascended, he first descended to the lower parts of the earth.
10 After this Christ ascended far above all heavenly realms, so he could sustain and complete all things.
11 Christ has given gifts of divine empowerment for individuals to be apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers,
12 To lead every believer to spiritual maturity of the saints, do the  work of the ministry and continually build together the body of Christ.

God has personally given you a gift that will support and equip the body of Christ. How can you find and unfold the giftings God has given you to support the body of Christ?

Though some giftings such as teaching seem more important, every gifting is equally significant to empower and equip the body of Christ. Faithfully serving in your area of gifting is equally as important as any teacher or apostle.

13 Through believers empowered by Christ we will become unified in the faith and walk in a perfect relationship with Christ as completely mature spiritual beings who have become exactly like him in every way.
14 God has given each person spiritual gifts so to enable the body of Christ to grow into spiritual adulthood. As we grow up, we will no longer be manipulated and deceived by others. He wants us to know and walk in the truth of scripture without being influenced by any other source.

You have an essential role to play in the growing process of the body of Christ.

15 So let us continue to speak the truth with sincere love and compassion, growing in every way to become more and more like Christ who is head of his body the church.

Your Father desires to empower you to become more like Christ each day of your earthly existence.

16 By Christ’s divine empowerment every individual member of the body can function at full capacity. As every member functions at full capacity the entire body is healthy, growing and full of love. For the church to fulfill God’s eternal plan will require every believer functioning at full capacity.

If one body part is not working properly the entire body will be adversely effected.

17 Therefore, God is commanding you not to live like other people in the world who only think about temporal things.

What do you spend most of your time thinking about? Do you think and live just like everyone else around you?

18 Their hearts are blind to eternal things and they live separate from God completely unaware of what Christ has done for them.

Is there area of life that is separate from God? Breaking the false dichotomy every area of your life is holy. Your Father longs to be apart of every area of your life. Do you live in a continual awareness of what Christ has done for you? The more aware you are of what Christ has done, the more your heart will be compelled to live every waking moment to honor Him.

19 Their sole purpose in life is to indulge their own lusts and they practice every kind of impurity imaginable.
20 But you have learned nothing like this from Christ.
21 Since you have discovered  and embraced the truth in Christ,
22 having nothing to do with your old life when you were under the influence of lust and deception.

Are you aware the moment you accepted Christ you became an altogether new being? Your old life no longer exists. Imagine if a gorilla was instantly transformed into a person and though possessing the intelligence of a human being they continued to act like an animal. We act equally insane when Christ has recreated us as eternal beings but we still act as fallen man.

23 Instead allow the Holy Spirit to renew your mind.

The Holy Spirit desires to continually renew your mind more and more each moment. How can you yield yourself to give the Holy Spirit greater control over your life?

24 Live in your new nature enabling you to walk in right relationship and be morally pure before God.

Through Christ, God has literally recreated us as a brand new race of beings in His image and likeness. In this new nature, you can walk in perfect relationship with your Father. As you walk with your Father, He will empower you to live a life that is perfectly pleasing to Him.

25 We are all part of the body of Christ, so speak truthfully to each other.
26 If you are angry, ensure your feelings do not originate from your own selfish pride or bad temper.  Resolve your anger immediately and do not let a moment pass until you resolve your problem.

Jesus said your heart is like a garden. Like any garden, unless you are very intentional uprooting every weed they will quickly multiply and take over your entire garden. In like manner, if you harbor negative emotions or unforgiveness in your heart, it will take over and corrupt your entire being.

27 By always dealing immediately with sin or mistakes you will never give the devil a foothold into your life.

If you give an inch, the devil will take a mile. Imagine if walled city decided to leave just one small gate open. Enemies will now have access to the entire city. If you leave even one small gate open in the city of your heart, then

28 If you used to steal in your old life, stop stealing and start making an honest living enabling you to help those who are in need.
29 Ensure everything you say brings life and encouragement to those who hear it. Your every word should reflect God’s heart and thoughts, so you must not speak anything corrupt.

Is your every word life giving? Do you realize you will have to give an account for every idle word that does not encourage or build others up?

30 Do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God by ignoring or disobeying him. For the Spirit is your guide and God’s seal confirming your salvation.

Do you realize every time you willingly expose yourself to anything contrary to God’s nature you are grieving the Holy Spirit? How often do we ignore the Spirit’s prompting to follow our own personal desires.

31 Have no part in bitterness, rage, anger, harsh words, slander and any type of evil behavior.
32 Instead treat each other with kindness and compassion. Always remember how God has forgiven you in Christ, so you will be quick and willing to completely forgive others.

Those who are forgiven much, love much. We need to live the daily reality of God’s forgiveness so we can lavish His love upon every person in our sphere of influence.

Ephesians 5
1As God’s dear children grow into the likeness of your Heavenly Father in every way.

The Father’s greatest desire is for you to daily grow in relationship with Him. Every individual wonders what is God’s plan for my life. The absolute center and most essential element of fulfilling God’s plan for your life is to daily grow in relationship with your Father.

How can you orchestrate your life to make daily growing in relationship with your Father the highest priority of your life.

2Let your life be a continual expression of God’s love. Love others with the same intensity Christ loved us when he and offered himself as a pleasing fragrance and acceptable sacrifice in God’s sight.

Imagine loving every person you meet with same intensity and passion Christ loved with. This love in action is the greatest proof and compelling argue evidence of God’s existence.

3Since you are now children of God have nothing to do with sexual immorality, impurity and greed.
4 Gossip, foolish talk and course jokes have no place in the life of a believer. Instead every word you speak should be expressing thanks and praise to God.

How can you intentionally live to ensure your every word is honoring to God.

5For it is impossible for any immoral, impure or greedy person will inherit the kingdom of God and his Son.
6Do not be fooled by those who try to excuse such behavior, for the wrath of God will fall upon anyone who lives this way.
7Having nothing to do with such behaviors!
8For you used to live in darkness, but now you are God’s light to the world. As children of light, let your every thought, word and action reflect the light of your heavenly Father.

Your Father desires to bring you progressively higher and deeper into walking in greater light each day. You are the light of the world and God is longing for His children to shine and represent the kingdom of their Father.

9For the light of God’s spirit in your life produces fruits of goodness, righteousness and truth.
10Diligently seek out what is pleasing to God.
11Do not have any association with the unprofitable works of darkness, instead seek to correct them.
12To even make mention of the things the ungodly do in secret is shameful.
13The light will reveal everything for what it really is.
14For this reason scripture says, Awake O sleeper, rise from the dead and Christ will give you light.
So be careful how you live. Be mindful of your steps. Don’t run around like fools as the rest of the world does. Instead, walk as the wise!
Make the most of every living and breathing moment because these are evil times.
So understand and be confident in God’s will and don’t live thoughtlessly.

People in the world waste their entire lives pursuing earthly treasures that will disappear. How can you live to invest every moment of your life into eternity? When you come before God you will regret every moment you wasted any not of eternal significance. Every moment you should ask yourself is what I am doing of eternal significance?

15Live with vigilance, attentively focused on the purpose and meaning of life. Fools live thoughtlessly just hoping life will work out but the wise live intentionally.

Do you know the purpose and meaning of your life? Prayer is the catalyst to living an eternally significant life. Your life should be a continual prayer asking your Father for wisdom to the purpose of the earthly mission He has called you to.

16Cease every waking moment and make the most of every opportunity because the things of the world are always trying to distract you.
17Don’t live thoughtlessly. But seek to fully understand and walk confidently in God’s will.

Your Father desires to daily guide you in His perfect plan for your life. The key to ceasing every moment is knowing and pursuing God’s plan for your life.

18 Do not be intoxicated by the pleasures of this world. Instead let your life overflow with the presence and power of the Spirit.

Your life will either be consumed by worldly pleasures or the presence of the Spirit. Worldly affections will dull your spiritual senses. The more you live in the presence of the Spirit the more of the Spirit you desire. Your cravings are based on what you set your affections.

19When you are filled with the Spirit, you will be empowered to encourage each other in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs.  Praise and make music in your heart continuously worshipping the Lord.

The Spirit’s empowerment is as essential to life as oxygen.

20Continually thank God for everything in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;
21Submit to each other as an expression of your reverence for God.
22Wives adapt yourselves to your husbands, in the same way you yield yourself to the Lord.

Paul is not merely giving instructions for married life. In this most precious portion of scripture God has designed marriage and family to reveal His heart. The way you treat your spouse is an expression of your love towards God. The way you treat your children and other people is an expression of how you treat God.

Wives though it is important to respect your husband God has a greater and higher purpose. By adapting to and honoring your husband you are adapting and honoring your heavenly Father. For a spouse your faithfulness and reverence toward God is most clearly reflected in how you treat your spouse.

23 For the husband is the head of the wife, just as Christ is the head of the church.  Christ is the Savior of his body the church.
24Just as the church is willingly subject to Christ, wives should willingly subject themselves to their own husbands.
25Husbands sacrificially   love your wives and be willing to give up your life for her, just as Christ loved and gave his life for the church.

Though wives are called to adapt to their wives, the greater responsibility is placed on the husband to completely give his life for his wife just Christ gave himself for the church.

26Christ gave his life to set apart and purify his bride, the church by divine cleansing of God’s word.
27Christ purified his bride to present her to himself as a glorious church, glowing with holiness, pure and without blemish.
28Husbands should love their wives as much (if not more) than they love themselves. Since marriage unites husband and wife as one body, when the husband loves his wife he is actually loving his own body.
29No one hates their own body but they nurture and take care of it just as Christ cares for his body the church.
30As believers we are Christ’s body. We are his flesh, bones and vital organs.
31Scripture revealed long ago “A man will leave his father and mother to joined to his wife and the two become one flesh”.
32Until now no one has understood the true meaning of this scripture. For natural marriage has been designed by God as an example of the eternal marriage between Christ and his bride, the church.

Paul’s employment the metaphor of human marriage compared to divine marriage is not merely a metaphor. Though while on the subject Paul wanted to provide practical instruction His primary purpose is to reveal the true meaning of this scripture in Genesis can only be fulfilled in the divine marriage of the Lamb.

33Nevertheless, husbands you must love your wife as your own body and be willing to do for her. Wives you must reverence and respect your husband with the same reverence and respect you give to God.

Daily remind yourself how you treat your spouse is the most accurate expression of how you treat God.

Ephesians 6
1Children, obey your parents because this is how you obey and please God.

Child the degree you honor and obey your earthly parents is the degree you are honoring your heavenly Father. What changes do you need to make to honor your Father?

2Honour your father and mother. This is the first commandment accompanied with an incredible  promise:
3You will be blessed and you will live a long life on the earth.

Do you really believe this verse? We need to daily remind our children of this verse and work cooperatively with our children to ensure they lay hold of this blessing.

4Fathers do not be too hard on your children. Instead bring them up and nurture them in the ways of the Lord.

As parents we should not use the verse of obey your parents to force our children to obey. Instead it is the great responsibility and tremendous privilege to lead our children to the Lord. As parents we must be mindful our purpose is to demonstrate the nature and love of our heavenly Father so our children will follow and obey Him.

5Those who are subject to authority,  revere, honor and obey your earthly “masters” fully aware you are express your obedience and love for Christ by the way you treat them.
6Always be diligent, even when no one is watching you. Do not seek to please or earn the favor of men but endeavor to only please and serve Christ.  Earnestly seek to fulfill God’s divine plan for your life.

7Let pleasing God be your sole motivation and purpose for everything you do.

Our every thought, action and word should be fueled by a desire to please the Father. If your life is guided by any other motives you will be distracted from following God’s plan for your life.

8Be completely certain God will immensely reward anyone who lives for sole purpose of pleasing God.

Nothing delights your Father more than seeing children who are living for the sole purpose of pleasing Him. What am I living for today? What purpose propels my daily life?

9Those who are employers or in positions of authority honor and respect those who serve you, fully aware your heavenly master may likely treat you the same you treated your earthly subordinates. Know your heavenly Master, sees everyone as equal and will hold you responsible for how you treated those under you.

Those to whom much is given much will be expected from them. Consider the individuals who are under your authority? How can your actions reflect and reveal the Father to them?

10In conclusion my friends, let your heart be completely fixed in your heavenly Father. Your Father longs to empower you with his infinite, immeasurable might.

Your Father desires to daily empower you with his infinite power that your heart would continually grow deeper roots completely fixed and trusting in Him.

11Fully equip yourself with God’s amour that you may be completely invincible to the devil’s attacks.

If your life is completely surrendered and equip with God’s armor you can be completely invincible to the attacks of the enemy! Ask your heavenly Father to reveal any areas of your life requiring further surrender so you can live as an overcomer totally invincible to the enemy.

12Our enemies are not in the physical realm. Our advisories are in the evil rules, authorities and powers in the unseen realm who are responsible for darkness and spiritual wickedness in this world.
13The enemy is real and you need to put on the whole armor of God to protect yourself from the deceptions of the enemy.  Abide in Christ and be proactive to do everything possible to stand firm in God.

The key to victory is to a proactive and sensitive heart daily seeking to more completely surrender every aspect of our life to God. Living in complete dependence on and in relationship with the Father is battle strategy that will lead you to complete victory.

14Be completely fixed in God by putting on belt of God’s truth that will keep all of your armor firmly in place.

Knowing the unchanging character and nature of God is the central truth that will firmly anchor your faith and life.

Also equip yourself with the breastplate of righteousness 15and the Gospel of peace firmly secured to your feet.
17Wear the helmet of salvation, and arm yourself with sword of the Spirit to defeat all enemies with God’s living word.
16Above all, equip yourself with the shield of faith, for it will protect you from every attack the enemy throws at you.

Faith (dependence on and relationship with the Father) is the most essential armor that will prevent every attack of the enemy. Complete dependence on and surrender to God is the aspect of faith that prevents the enemy from even gaining a foothold in your life. Your relationship with the Father is the other aspect of faith that awakens your heart to the goodness of God. When you know the exceeding greatness of the Father’s heart and plan, you will refuse to even consider any of the thoughts the enemy seeks to tempt you with.

18Live a life of prayer continually interceding in the Spirit for all of God’s children. Always be vigilant and attentive to the Spirit’s leading.

Your Father yearns and impels for you to live every moment of your daily seeking the leading of the Holy Spirit and interceding for those God places on your heart. Though all of us are busy, if this is your heart’s desire this cry will rise from your heart every waking moment. Daniel was very busy as one of the prominent leaders in Babylon, yet His heart was continually consumed with this passion. The Father desires to instill in your heart a passion and desperate cry for His continual presence and leading in your life.

19Pray also that God would give me boldness and clearly speak through me to reveal his secret plan to everyone.
20For this reason I am an ambassador in chains. Continue to pray that I would continue to speak therein I may speak boldly, as God desires me to speak.
21I have sent Tychicus, a beloved brother and faithful minister in the Lord to bring you up to date on my present condition.
22I have sent him to you for this very purpose but also to encourage your hearts.
23The Father and the Lord Jesus Christ send their divine peace and love with faith to all the brothers and sisters in Christ.
24Grace (divine empowerment) be with all who earnestly love our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


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