Jude 1

1Jude, the servant of Jesus Christ, and brother of James, to those that are sanctified by God the Father, and preserved in Jesus Christ, and called:

2Mercy to you. I pray peace and love would be multiplied in your lives.

Your Father desires to daily exponentially increase the peace and love in your life. He desires to permeate your entire being with peace and love so it will flow out of you to touch every person in you come in contact with.

Danger of False Teachers

3Dear friends, I was planning to write to you on the subject of the glorious salvation we share, but it was more needful for me to impel you to seriously contend for the faith that God has given you.

How serious are you about contending for the faith God has given you? Is your faith alive and active or passive and apathetic?

4Comprimised individuals have infiltrated the church, teaching and using God’s grace as an excuse to live however they want. But by following their selfish desires they are denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.

When we follow our own self desires we are denying Christ is Lord of our lives. Your actions speak far louder than words. If Jesus is not in complete control of every area of your life then He is not Lord of your life. Ask God to search your heart to reveal any areas you need to more completely surrender to Him.

5In light of this remember, the Lord, rescued the nation of Israel from Egypt, but after he destroyed all those who were unfaithful.

6Consider the rebellious angels who were unfaithful and rebelled against God. They are imprisoned in everlasting chains of darkness awaiting their final fate to be delivered on the day of judgment.

7 Sodom, Gomorrah and surrounding cities (like many cities today) gave themselves up to sexual immorality and unspeakable wickedness. They are very relevant examples to today’s world of the agony and eternal fire of God’s judgment such cities will face.

I can’t imagine how terrible it will be for anyone who has spent their life living in rebellion. Though it absolutely breaks the Father’s heart to destroy individuals who have turned against Him, He simply can’t bear to see the earth defiled and His children hurt.

8All these people can dream about is wickedness. They despise and disrespect all authority and even blaspheme God and eternal beings.

If those who used God’s name in vain or who openly mock Him could experience the awesome and terrifying presence of God, they would never utter a word again. Isaiah one of the most Israel saw the King and was completely undone.

9Even Michael one of the mightiest angels did not dare speak such words when contending with the devil about the fate of Moses body. Michael would only say, The Lord rebuke thee.

Sometimes Christians get caught up in praying prayers that are more about rebuking devil than focusing on our heavenly Father. You do not need to worry about such things but simply say the Lord rebuke thee and totally surrender every area of your life into His control. Our Father desires for you to concentrate your prayers on Him and live in such a way that expresses He is the sole purpose and supreme delight of your life.

10These people speak evil of things they do not even understand. Like unthinking animals, they do whatever their instincts tell them, and so they bring about their own destruction.

Without Christ individuals in the world are guided by the affections of their fallen nature. This fundamental understanding is essential to forgiving unbelievers in our life. Out of this understanding we can freely forgive, Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.

11Woe unto them! For they are like Cain’s, refusing to follow God and jealously willing to kill those who do. Like Balaam they will do anything, even cursing God’s children for money. Their rebellion is greater than Korah’s and they will surely be destroyed.

Like Cain sometimes human pride is so great it will try to destroy anyone living a higher more purposeful life. When people persecute you in anyway it is only put of jealousy because they recognize you are anointed and blessed.

12These individuals spoil your godly fellowship. They fellowship with you, only to further benefit their own selfish agenda. They lack any substance, value or fear of God. They are like clouds without water, carried about of winds serving no purpose. They are like diseased trees who doubly dead as they have neither living roots or fruit. They lack any fruit (evidence) of a godly life because they were planted and rooted in Christ in the first place.

If you truly love the Father and have surrendered your life to Christ then your life will naturally reflect His love.

13As raging waves of the sea, they only produce the shame of their wicked deeds. They are stars without an orbit progressively wondering further into the blackness of darkness for ever.

Jude’s depiction of these individuals illustrate they never began the Christian walk. He employs metaphors revealing these individuals lack any eternal substance and are aimlessly wondering as lost people.

14Enoch, who was seven generations from Adam, foresaw the judgment of these individuals and prophesied,
Behold, the Lord is coming with ten thousands of his saints, 15To execute judgment upon all. He will convict all who are ungodly of their deeds they have committed, and of all words the ungodly have spoken against God.

I am astounded when I read accounts of the many secrets God has revealed to His close friends. Your Father is waiting and longing to reveal to you the deepest secrets of His heart. How can you change your life to continually be in tune tune with your Father’s heartbeat?

16These individuals are murmurers, complainers and their first priority in life is to pursue their own desires. They are conceited, always boasting and flattering others to promote themselves.

It is essential to remember people you encounter in your daily life are programmed to be prideful and selfish as a result of their fallen nature.

17But, friends, remember the words spoken by the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ;

18They made you fully aware in the last days people would compromise the truth so they can pursue their own desires.

This has been fulfilled to such a degree in our relativistic world, there is no such thing as absolute truth.

19Such individuals create division and follow their own desires because they do not have God’s Spirit in them.

20My friends do not be like them but continue to help each other grow in your complete dependence on God and cultivate a prayer life infused by the power of the Holy Spirit,

The only way to grow in dependence on God is through a prayer life infused by the power of the Holy Spirit. How can you learn to live each to become progressively more dependent on the Holy Spirit every single day of your life. Our spiritual walk is not static, it is a journey where we must be growing in relationship with and dependence on our Father every day of this earthly existence.

21Daily embrace the fullness of your heavenly Father’s love and continually search for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ that will lead you deeper into eternal life.

The Father’s love is the sunshine enabling you to daily grow and develop.

22For some individuals compassion will compel them to come to Christ,

23Others will be compelled by the fear of God. Rely on wisdom from God’s spirit rescue as many individuals as you can from the flames of eternal hellfire. Hate anything that would compromise holy living.

We need to pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and wisdom to most effectively speak to the heart of every individual we meet and compel them to follow Christ.

24Most importantly know for certain, your heavenly Father is able to keep you from falling, and takes great joy in presenting you faultless in the presence of his eternal glory to all of heaven.

The Father is completely reliable. When you surrender your life into his hands He will not let you go. When you become a part of the family of God, you will always be His child.

25To our all wise eternal Father and Saviour Jesus Christ, all honor and glory, dominion and power, today and for all eternity. Amen.

Our Father deserves all honor and glory. He deserves to be at the center of your every thought, hope, dream and desire. How can you live each day to honor and glorify your Father?


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