Speaking Engagements – Find God’s Story For Your Life

My passion is to help every individual find God’s story for their life. My primary focus is high school students because most Christian high school graduates have no clue what to do after they graduate. This is a tragedy because their heavenly Father yearns to lead them in His incredible plan. Following God’s plan for your life is very simple. He longs to lead us more than we long to follow. Christians of all ages simply need encouragement and teaching on how to follow God’s incredible story for their lives.

I also speak at conferences and local churches to diverse groups of all ages. As a educator/training psychologist I also speak to secular and Christian audiences about maximizing your potential in life. To book please email joel.alexander.pukalo@gmail.com

As an educator and consultant God has granted me influence to speak at schools and conferences to empower parents, educators and students to discover and fully utilize their talents and abilities.  By God’s grace I have been able to touch many lives but now feel God calling me to use my giftings in this area specifically for His kingdom to equip the body of Christ. In my travels, I have met countless Christian high school students who desperately want to follow God’s will for their life but have no clue how to do this. I will forever remember one young man Josh who I had the privilege of praying for at a conference. He was in tears as he confided in me that he felt totally paralyzed, “I want to go to university to become a doctor but I am terrified I will dissapoint God and not follow His will for my life. I feel so paralyzed and am scared to do anything because I don’t want to dissapoint God and do something he doesn’t want me to do”. Tragically I know there are thousands of young people just like Josh.  I can empathisize with Josh and the countless others because in my senior year of high school I felt the exact same way. Having walked in their shoes I am, my heart breaks for these teens. God has used my journey to prepare me to guide other young people to find the life God has created them for.A recent survery found over seventy five percent of the work force are in a job not corresponding with their unique gifts and talents. In my experience at least ninety percent of teens have no idea what unique talents and abilities they posses. Only a fraction of the few who understand the unique talents and abilities they possess are able to utilize these gifts and experience fulfillment. One would expect teens who do not know God to be lost but what about Christian teens? Certainly Christian teens must know the unique giftings and talents God has created them with? Unfortunately the majority of Christian teens do not. Unintentionally and unaware we (parents, youth pastors and the church at large) have not actively empowered and prepared teens to find and live in the lives God has created them for.As I read the parable of the talents recently, God illustrated to me it is very possible for an individual to be fully operating in the talents God has created them but not using these talents to invest in God’s kingdom. Through His Word and others God has been letting me know I need to use the giftings and educational counselor training God has given me to invest in His Kingdom and empower the local church. Compelled by His leading and the incredible need I see in the church, I feel God calling me to turn away other speaking engagements and consulting contracts to empower students, parents and pastors at local churches to enable our young people to find and live in God’s plan for their lives.

God has gifted me to naturally connect and share God’s word with young people, so my number one priority is encouraging teens through biblical examples and personal experience God has a perfect plan for their life and it is very simple to follow. I also desire to equip parents to more actively lead and guide their children in finding and following God’s plan for their lives. I am willing to speak/train either or both of these groups at your church. With high school graduation approaching, I would especially like to impart to those graduating from high school to encourage them to follow God’s plan for their life.

In addition to encouraging students and sharing insight from scripture, I have also done workshops empowering parents and students of all ages to find their God given STORY. Here is a preview of one workshop I have done:
After searching through many personality and aptitude assessment tools, I found myself thinking there must be an easier way for teens to discover their giftings and abilities. Though I discovered some incredible personality assessment tools, I know many students struggle to stay motivated long enough to answer a lengthy amount of questions with honesty and precision. Give them a long list of questions and they will likely lose interest. Ask them to tell a story of their passions and interests in life and instantly their eyes light up with passion. The simplicity of story is the most engaging and authentic context for students to discover their strengths, topics, optimal conditions, relationships and yes moments. While other assessments endeavor to provide specific and comprehensive results, this resource acts as a decoder to enable students to begin to read, discover and understand their unique story. Utilize the power of “story” to enable your child to find their potential.
People Management International’s has successfully used the Story Assessment Tool in the workforce for the past 45 years. This assessment has assisted millions to assign employees to specific jobs that will best utilize their unique skill sets. I have modified this assessment and created a presentation specifically geared to teenagers to empower and assist them to find their own unique “story”. I am offering a highly engaging workshop to motivate and empower teens to work through this personality assessment tool. Our major emphasis will be creating a specific plan enabling students to work within preferred relationship roles to grow in strengths and work with topics in optimal conditions so you are able to experience yes moments on a daily basis! A strong emphasis will also be placed on investigating at least four to five post secondary programs and/or occupations best correlating with each students “STORY”. Students will use the computers, online tools and other resources to investigate more about these occupations.
I would also be very willing to share my resources I have used to in the past to assist teens and train parents. Please email me and I would be more than happy to share these.
If I can help the parents and young people at your church, I would be glad to serve. It is not my goal to speak or do any of this, but I am keenly aware I must be a faithful steward of the talents God has given me. God has given me an immense passion and gifting to help teens and I desire to use these gifts solely for His kingdom and glory. I want to live in such a way so I know at the end of this life, I have been completely faithful to do exactly what the Father has called me to do on this earth.

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